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We haven’t been what we are today just since yesterday: 130 years of success and experience – the vital history of a healthy company.


To this day, DIAMANT Metallplastic formulates, develops and produces exclusively in Germany – still with the customer-oriented thinking of a family-run company, whose responsibility for people and the environment is just as easily recognised as its uncompromising commitment to quality and performance.

DIAMANT's German-made products are dispatched to the world's industrial centres via a worldwide distribution network of over 40 foreign agencies. Apart from production, the business fields consulting and application have been expanded in recent years and the company has become a full-service partner, for product development, production and product application.
DIAMANT Metallplastic: "Quality is when the customer comes back – not the product".


Merging of the business areas (DIAMANT-Kitte and DIAMANT Metallplastic GmbH) and takeover of the shares by Sandra Pinter (née Schulz) and Carsten Kunde.


DIAMANT MM1018 "The liquid lining plate" is the first product to receive general building authority approval for gap compensation between steel components from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in Berlin.

With more than 1,000 applications worldwide, DIAMANT MM1018 is considered the most tried-and-tested polymer system for friction-locked gap compensation–and is the first product of its kind to have general technical approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).


Founding of DIAMANT COATING SYSTEMS Ltd. in Ohio, United States. DIAMANT products for the American market are sold at the new company headquarters in Cincinnati.

DIAMANT Triumph Metallplastic Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore


Founding of DIAMANT TRIUMPH Metallplastic Pvt. ltd in Bangalore, India.

Adler-Kitte GmbH


Takeover of Adler-Kitte GmbH, Erkelenz, and integration into the business.


Founding of DIAMANT Metallplastic GmbH and takeover of the business operations of DIAMANT-Kitte.


DIAMANT-Kitte builds a new company building in Rheydt-Giesenkirchen, Hontzlarstrasse 12, Mönchengladbach.

Historisches Prospekt DIAMANT-Kitte


Reconstruction of the factory that burned out in August 1943 in the new industrial area at Breite Straße 118.
Unfortunately, there are no more pictures from this period.


The two sons Robert and Alfred Schulz take over the factory. Robert Schulz senior dies in 1944.

Robert Schulz, Drogen-Handlung


Production of first irons and polishing putties for the foundry industry. The realignment is evidence of expertise and foresight. Because from the knowledge of the production problems of foundry products and chemical processes, Robert Schulz unerringly deduces the growing need for metal repair putties. Only a short time later, leading foundries in Germany used the first repair putties formulated by him as "casting cosmetics". The foundation for the company's success, which has lasted for more than 130 years, has been laid.

Robert Schulz


Robert Schulz founds the first drugstore in Rheydt at Hauptstrasse 20. This develops into the "Rheydter paint, spatula and putty factory".

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