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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Double benefit in rapid prototyping: Surface finishing and increase in dimensional stability

Capillary-active structure refinement and surface finishing for colour brilliance, protection against moisture, chemical-resistance, strength and dimensional stability.

Conventional sealants used in rapid prototyping often protect only to a certain extent, since they are usually limited to the surface of the treated part. Demanding users expect more, however: Simultaneous strengthening of brittle materials and thus increased dimensional stability of the prototyping workpiece – hence, a deep-penetrating treatment. The solution: Capillary-active sealing and deep impregnation with dichtol. In dichtol, DIAMANT Metallplastic has developed a capillary-active polymer sealing system for rapid prototyping that exhibits precisely this penetration and reliably seals even the smallest material pores and hairline cracks. DIAMANT dichtol is the ready-to-use, 1-component polymer impregnation system for the reliable sealing of micropores, porosities and hairline cracks as well as the increase of dimensional stability in rapid prototyping. The basis for the extraordinary double action is the special capillary effect of the polymer.

Perfectly combined: development and production

DIAMANT Metallplastic combines the experience of worldwide-proven product quality with the solution-oriented development of its highly individual sealant. Because sealing in rapid prototyping requires deep-penetrating solutions and a non-compromising orientation to the specific needs of the user:

  • Problem identification and development of solution concepts
  • Mature, individually tunable product range with matching accessories
  • Development and formulation of special recipes for your individual application
  • Detailed advice and additional training offers
  • If desired, application or application support by experienced DIAMANT experts

Private Label: your own individual recipe

Special tasks require special solutions. With the Private Label service, DIAMANT puts together a sealant that is tailored with pinpoint precision to your individual needs. With an exclusive recipe mixed just for you – a genuine one-off. This way you can give your surface maximum protection and security – and thus achieve a very special competitive advantage.

You would like to know more about surface finishing and increase in dimensional stability? Please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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