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Steel and Bridge Construction

Force-locked gap compensation in steel construction

Compression-proof tolerance compensation on flanges, bearing seats and connection points. In one work step. Without the use of wedge plates or stiffeners.

DIAMANT Metallplastic is the full-service specialist for the development, supply and application of high quality polymer systems for the force-locked compensation of gaps under demanding conditions:

Offshore plants
Wind turbines
Installation of bridge bearings
Foundations and permanent connections of steel- steel and also steel-concrete

Application fields for gap compensation with DIAMANT MM1018

  • Steel construction and structural steel engineering
  • Bridge construction
  • Power station construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Hydraulic engineering, sluice construction, waterways
  • Offshore plants
  • Wind turbines


Our innovative gap compensation material MM1018 (formerly multimetal steel 1018) has proven itself worldwide in over 1,000 applications. MM1018 was the first product of its type in the world to be awarded general building authority approval (abz) by the German Institute of Building Technology (DIBt). The polymer-bound metal enables the compression-proof, force-locked and form-locked compensation of tolerances in steel construction…

  • … without the use of stiffeners or wedge plates and
  • … without subsequent machining

This way tolerances and gaps can be eliminated on the spot in a single work step, thus saving a considerable amount of time and personnel costs. At the same time MM1018 provides for corrosion protection on the contact surfaces between steel elements or between steel and concrete elements.

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