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About Diamant

We haven’t been what we are today just since yesterday: 130 years of success and experience

DIAMANT Metallplastic: Formulate, develop and produce in Germany. Connect, coat, seal, optimise and repair all over the world. The life story of a healthy company.


The year is 1886: after several years of experimentation, Charles Martin Hall successfully devises a manufacturing process for aluminium for the first time in the USA; Daimler and Benz build the first cars with a petrol engine and Dr. John Stith Pemberton invents the drink “Coca-Cola”, which is initially sold in Atlanta as medicine. At the same time, Robert Schulz establishes his foundry in the form of a family-run company, from which the “Robert Schulz Drogerie” (drugstore) arose as a chemical trading company in 1892.

This realignment testifies to expertise and far-sightedness, because, from his knowledge of chemical processes and the problems of manufacturing foundry products, Robert Schulz unerringly deduced the growing need for metal repair putties. Only a short while later, leading foundries in Germany were using the first repair putties formulated by him as “casting cosmetics”. The foundations for what is now more than 130 years of company success had been laid.

Following the dramatic years of the First World War, the business was expanded further and the company’s name was changed to “Adler Rheydter Lack-, Spachtel- & Kittfabrik” (Adler Rheydt Paint, Grout and Putty Factory). Primarily the company continued to produce specialities for foundries. On returning from captivity as prisoners of war after the Second World War, the third generation of the family rebuilt the completely destroyed works building and changed the company’s name to “Adler Kitte” (Adler Putties).

In 1951 the first formulations on the basis of epoxy and polyester resins were successfully manufactured and used under the company name “Diamant-Kitte Schulz & Co.”. The first trade contacts with Eastern Europe were made in the late 1950s. In the mid-1970s the flourishing company renamed itself “DIAMANT Metallplastic GmbH”, comprehensively modernised the company site in Mönchengladbach in the Rhineland and successfully expanded its sales to America and Asia.

To this very day, DIAMANT Metallplastic formulates, develops and produces exclusively in Germany – and as always with the customer-oriented thinking of a family-run company, whose responsibility for people and the environment is just as easily recognised as its non-compromising commitment to quality and performance.

DIAMANT’s German-made products are dispatched to the world’s industrial centres via a worldwide distribution network of over 40 foreign agencies. Apart from pure production, the business fields Consulting and Application have been expanded in recent years and the company has become a full-service partner, from consulting to product development and from production to product application.


DIAMANT Metallplastic: “Quality is when the customer comes back – not the product”.

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