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Research & Development

DIAMANT Metallplastic: performance, service, innovation

Family owned for over 130 years, DIAMANT is the internationally proven full-service provider of innovative polymer systems and coatings.

protect – finish – seal – optimise – maintain – connect – repair: DIAMANT Metallplastic is the internationally proven full-service provider of innovative polymer systems for the metalworking industry.

Polymer-bound metals and coating materials from DIAMANT Metallplastic

  • provide for greater safety and efficiency in processes
  • accelerate production and assembly
  • increase the quality and service life of machines and components
  • reduce costs and scrap
  • replace elaborate methods by intelligent procedures

DIAMANT: brilliant in service

DIAMANT Metallplastic combines its worldwide tried-and-tested product quality with industry-leading service quality. Because universal solutions are not what is required in technical applications in metalworking, but rather pinpoint solutions and a non-compromising orientation to the specific needs of the user:

  • problem identification and development of solution concepts
  • comprehensive, user-oriented advice
  • development and formulation of special recipes for special applications
  • composition of individually matching product ranges with the appropriate accessories
  • on-site user training if desired
  • application or application support on site by experienced DIAMANT-trained experts if desired

Service! Right there, where you need it: the building site and production services from DIAMANT Metallplastic support users directly on site. With

  • user advice and assistance
  • full service by excellently trained DIAMANT experts
  • assurance of professional product processing
  • on-site problem solving
  • blow hole repair
  • gap compensation in steel constructions and steel connections
  • coating service

DIAMANT: valuable wherever metal is concerned

Products and services from DIAMANT Metallplastic have been impressing in all important sectors of the metalworking industry for over 130 years. Example application areas and applications for DIAMANT polymer systems are:


  • contract impregnation
  • capillary metal impregnation
  • correction of blow holes
  • fine, mid-size and large repairs
  • coating work
  • (pipe bends, pumps, conveyor screws)
  • wear protection of ingot moulds and continuous casting plants

Rapid Prototyping

  • surface finishing
  • impregnation
  • capillary-active sealing
  • increase in the strength of porous materials
  • increase in dimensional stability

Machine manufacturing

  • manufacture and overhaul of slideways
  • non-slip coating of accessible machines
  • high-precision slide coatings
  • dimensionally stable adjusting coatings
  • manufacture of permanently flexible seals without the necessity for an injection mould or vulcanisation

Steel and bridge construction

  • the “liquid stiffener” MM1018
  • compensation of gaps between steel components
  • installation of bridge bearings
  • relining of crane tracks and rail guides
  • foundations for machines and plants
  • gap compensation when repairing sluices and weirs
  • manufacture of 100% form- and force-locking connections of steel components

Wear-protection and repair coatings

  • pump coating
  • tank coating
  • pipe coating
  • ceramic wear protection
  • wear protection against chemicals and abrasion

Shipbuilding and offshore industry

  • fast, effective (emergency) on-site repair by the crew
  • regular on-site service and maintenance by the crew
  • extensive industrial use in shipyards and in production

Sealing for thermal coatings

  • corrosion protection
  • improvement of the dielectric strength
  • sealing
  • protection against chemicals and aggressive media/gases

DIAMANT: flawless quality from Germany

DIAMANT Metallplastic produces exclusively at its own location in Germany – due to its conviction, its commitment to top quality and its responsibility towards the customer. The seal “Made in Germany” guarantees our users unchanging excellent and permanently monitored top quality – continuously developed with the knowledge amassed from 130 years of company tradition.

DIAMANT: research and development as corporate values

Research and development belong to the central corporate values of DIAMANT Metallplastic. Our products and system solutions are the mature results of co-operation in a worldwide network of scientists, universities and research institutes.

DIAMANT Metallplastic bundles the knowledge and support from these sources in the Research & Development Department at the German production site. Hence, recipes and polymer compositions of a special quality and with trailblazing product properties have been created here for decades.

The intensive research and development work is accompanied by a continuous progress dialogue with industrial associations, ministries and business organisations.

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