Products | 08. March 2023 DIAMANT develops extremely low-viscosity moglice SLE: µm-precise sliding coatings for the high-tech sector

DIAMANT Polymer GmbH is expanding its range of mature solutions for µm-accurate molding and high-precision sliding with an extremely low-viscosity variant of DIAMANT moglice. The sliding coating system, which has been tried and tested in mechanical and plant engineering for over 40 years, creates surfaces on slide bearings and guideways that are precisely molded to the micrometer. With a viscosity of 500 mPas, the newly developed DIAMANT moglice SLE (Self Leveling Epoxy) spreads quickly and evenly on surfaces and in cavities, which opens up new application possibilities in the high-tech sector – for example for systems for electronics production, air bearing systems or high-precision -Sliding surfaces.

DIAMANT moglice P/SLE is a high-precision 2-component sliding coating for the manufacture, repair and maintenance of (hydrostatic) guides, plain bearings and stick-slip-free sliding surfaces of any geometry – whether round or curved, concave or convex, with or without undercuts. moglice P/SLE allows machines to be started up completely without jolting and even movement, even with high surface loads.

The basis for smooth processes in the high-tech sector

Even under unfavorable conditions, such as insufficient lubrication or high loads, the material retains its outstanding properties. The newly developed, low-viscosity DIAMANT moglice SLE (Self Leveling Epoxy) has been designed for use in the high-tech sector, where the greatest possible precision is required under high, dynamic loads. It flows in automatically, spreads evenly on the sliding surfaces and forms a smooth, highly precise sliding layer after hardening. Layer thicknesses of up to 10 mm are possible.

In general, the DIAMANT technology of the composite polymers creates excellent sliding properties between machine components made of different materials. Due to the µm-accurate molding method, the time-consuming, mechanical post-processing (e.g. scraping) is no longer necessary. The mouldable sliding coating allows dynamic elements to run more easily, protects against abrasion and wear and thus makes a significant contribution to reducing manufacturing and operating costs. The material can be separated from the mating surface by using a micro-thin layer of diamond release agent. The result is an exact copy of the workpiece surface.

Flexible application: putty, pour or injection

The cold-hardening polymer can be flexibly applied by spatula, pouring or injection and hardens without any technically relevant shrinkage, so that the accuracy of the impression surface is transferred to the covering true to form. After curing, the proven 2-component epoxy resin system is characterized by optimal sliding properties, excellent damping properties, high compressive strength up to 110 N/mm2 and high chemical resistance, especially to oils, cooling emissions and coolant.

DIAMANT moglice P/SLE is available ready-to-mix – in tins and in the 2-component ready-to-use cartridge system, which makes use easier, rules out mixing errors and protects users from contact with the polymer. The 2-component polymer system can be used without special knowledge. The processing can be carried out by trained employees on site. The DIAMANT service team is happy to provide instructions for first-time users.

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