General | 22. November 2023 DIAMANT presents at the HVOF Colloquium High-performance sealers for electrical insulation

DIAMANT Polymer GmbH presented its range of innovative solutions for sealing thermally sprayed coatings at the 12th HVOF Colloquium in Erding on October 16, 2023. DIAMANT Managing Director Carsten Kunde gave a highly acclaimed presentation on this important topic for the industry.

The focus of DIAMANT’s third appearance in Erding was on the sealing of thermally sprayed coatings for use as an electrically insulating layer. For DIAMANT Managing Director Carsten Kunden, “the subject of electrical insulation and dielectric strength is a very important and exciting topic in the age of electromobility. We have developed various solutions for this and help our customers to achieve optimum results.”

The DIAMANT team presented 20 current types of sealers to interested trade visitors at its own stand. In total, DIAMANT’s range of sealers comprises over 50 different systems for sealing thermally sprayed coatings.

The low-viscosity high-performance polymers are extremely resistant to physical, chemical and thermal stress as well as corrosion and weathering. They are applied without pressure or vacuum by dipping, brushing, injecting or spraying. This ensures low material costs with efficient material consumption.

In his presentation in Erding, Carsten Kunde, together with DIAMANT customer PLASTAMATIC Franken, presented an application on electric motor shafts. In constructive teamwork, a layer-sealer composite system was developed that is used as an insulating layer in the bearing seat area of electric motor drive shafts.

The result is a high-performance sealer for thermal spraying that meets the customer’s application-specific requirements 100 percent. Carsten Kunde sees the “customer-specific development of individual solutions, not just for sealing” as “an important unique selling point of our company.”

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