dichtol | Infiltrating, impregnating and sealing


dichtol - Infiltrating, impregnating and sealing

dichtol is the sophisticated ready-to-use polymer impregnation system for the safe, fast sealing of micropores, porosities and hairline cracks in rapid prototyping, 3D printing and generative manufacturing. Thanks to dichtol’s excellent capillary activity, the polymer penetrates deep into the workpiece and cures there – in addition to sealing and impregnating the surface.

The high-performance polymer anchors itself in the treated part and seals it reliably even at changing temperatures. In addition to surface refinement, dichtol thus also improves the fundamental properties of the workpiece. Such as the strength of brittle materials and the dimensional stability of the part.

dichtol is extremely resistant to physical, chemical and thermal stress. The technical properties of the workpiece are fully retained.

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Product overview

dichtol is available in 26 different variants:

Product nameItem numberTechnical datasheetSafety Data SheetOnline-Shop
dichtol AM#2567Download Request SDS Order
dichtol AM Hydro#2589Download Request SDS Order
dichtol AM Makro#2569Download Request SDS Order
dichtol AM Makro Spray#2570Download Request SDS Order
dichtol AM Spray#2568Download Request SDS Order
dichtol AM UV Protection#2546Download Request SDS Order
dichtol HM#2407Download Request SDS Order
dichtol HTR#0977Download Request SDS Order
dichtol HTR HS#2530Download Request SDS Order
dichtol HTR HS 50S#2532Download Request SDS Order
dichtol HTR HS AS#2531Download Request SDS Order
dichtol HTWG Hydro#2506Download Request SDS Order
dichtol HTWG S#2505Download Request SDS Order
dichtol Standard#0210Download Request SDS Order
dichtol Thinner#1285Download Request SDS Order
dichtol WF49 Concentrate#1849Download Request SDS Order
dichtol WF49 Concentrate 1:2#2181Download Request SDS Order
dichtol WFT#1532Download Request SDS Order
dichtol WFT Makro#1546Download Request SDS Order
dichtol WFT Makro Spray#2088Download Request SDS Order

Other areas of application and industries

3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

Post-processing solutions for additive manufacturing with DIAMANT polymer systems.

Foundry Industry

Reduce scrap, increase efficiency, post-treatment of all types of castings.

Thermal spraying

Sealer for thermally sprayed coatings. Durable protection for your components.

Drinking water approval for
dichtol WFT

The test certificate, which was issued by the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr Area, proves: From a microbiological point of view, the material fulfills the requirements according to the promotion of microbacterial growth as per DIN 16421. In other words: dichtol WFT can come into contact with drinking water without any problems or consequences.

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Assembly service

With our gap-filling material, you can save time and money during installation. On your own or with the DIAMANT installation team - you decide. On request, our specially trained and experienced fitters will accompany or take over the application of MM1018 directly on site at the construction site. Save time and costs, minimize effort and risk, avoid construction delays: Our liquid lining sheet® makes installation faster, more economical and safer.

Application Service

DIAMANT offers user-friendly and targeted products as well as applications for practical applications. In addition to a customer-oriented approach ex works, we also support you on site through our application service and subcontracting.

Own label

Filling and packaging of DIAMANT products as a private label of a reusing customer. For example, also after joint product development or contract development.

Research & Development

Special solutions for special requirements. Not off the shelf, but to the point: DIAMANT Polymer GmbH develops and produces sophisticated solutions for specific requirements and individual customer requests.

Contract manufacturing

Why should you outsource the manufacturing of your chemical products to us as your full-service contract manufacturer?

We offer you: in-depth know-how and consulting for your production, our own laboratory for best product quality, modern storage areas - also for hazardous materials and first-class production facilities.

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