Products | 21. October 2022 Drinking water approval for impregnation and sealing agent dichtol WFT

Trinkwasserzulassung dichtol WFT

DIAMANT Polymer GmbH, a specialist in polymers, composite materials and impregnating agents, has renewed its drinking water approval for the impregnating and sealing agent dichtol WFT. The attestation, which was drawn up by the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr area, proves: From a microbiological point of view, the material meets the requirements for the promotion of microbacterial growth according to DIN 16421. In other words:
dichtol WFT can come into contact with drinking water without any problems or consequences. 

dichtol WFT is a very thin high-performance polymer that is applied atmospherically without the use of a vacuum. The ready-to-use product penetrates porous structures and cracks on its own and seals them permanently and reliably. No special heat supply is required for curing. The capillary-active impregnating agent offers temperature resistance of up to +300°C and shows good resistance to oils, lubricants and coolants. 

Dichtol has been used successfully for many years and can be injected, sprayed and brushed, and workpieces to be treated can also be immersed. Due to the wide range of possible useability, the areas of application of dichtol WFT are widely spread. They range from the impregnation of metals, cast parts and castings to the sealing of thermally sprayed layers (sealer for APS, HVOF, LDS, flame spraying) to the infiltration of 3D printed components (SLS). 

Measurement of the biofilm 

In order to determine the effect of dichtol WFT on water, the experts at the Hygiene Institute in Gelsenkirchen carried out the test procedure in accordance to DIN 16421 2015-5. This is entitled “Effect of materials on water intended for human consumption” and is usually implemented in two variants. In this case a “measurement of the volume of the biofilm” was carried out. 

As part of this test arrangement, 40 ceramic plates treated with dichtol WFT were rinsed with running water at a temperature of between 10.8 and 11.4 degrees for three months and the microbial growth that had taken place was then checked. The results of the test series showed the reliability and correctness of the formulation used. From a microbiological point of view, there are no reservations about the use of dichtol WFT in connection with drinking water and food. 

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Test Report I (PDF)

Test Report II (PDF)

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