General | 18. January 2021 Impregnation of porous structures in the foundry industry

In the course of the casting process, micropores may occur which render the casting unusable. With Dichtol impregnation from DIAMANT, however, the casting regains its functionality and is also upgraded.

Regardless of the material or process, Dichtol can be applied without vacuum or pressure at room temperature. Dichtol is thus the ideal solution for sealing, infiltrating or impregnating porous structures and layers.

Due to the capillary effect, the polymer system penetrates quickly and deeply into the parts to be treated. After curing, the treated structures are filled with a polymer and permanently protected. Applications include sealing of castings from the foundry industry.

The Dichtol WFT Standard #1532 (for sealing porosities of approx. 0-0.1mm) and Dichtol Makro #1546 (for sealing porosities of approx. 0.1-0.5mm) variants have long since proven their worth in industry, e.g. in the case of locally known leaks, the selective impregnation ensures efficient use of material. This eliminates the need for long waiting and delivery times due to direct on-site application.

Most Dichtol variants are colorless, so it may not always be possible to tell which areas have already been treated and which have not. For such cases, we have developed the variants Dichtol WFT Blue #2541 and Dichtol Black # 1903 which provide a remedy for such problems. With the blue and black color variants, as with the standard variant, the smallest pores (0-0.1mm) can be closed and guarantees a high pressure tightness, even with difficult object structures. All our variants can of course be overpainted after curing.

For very special applications we also offer a fluorescent version.

Here are just some of the advantages of our Dichtol:

  • An efficient material consumption with about 100ml / m²
  • Various application possibilities by dipping, painting and injecting
  • Temporary corrosion protection after curing
  • Single impregnation (of large components)
  • Spot serial impregnation
  • No complicated vacuum impregnation necessary
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