Surface correction:
Wipe and gone!

Ready-to-use 1-component solution for the ideal repair of metallic surface irregularities for foundry technology.

Article #0099

Iron Cement

Ready-to-use metal polymer for application on metals and other substrates

from 21,96 € 0.5 kg (43,00 €/kg)

Iron Cement

As a ready-to-use one-component cold metal, our Liquid Metal is ideal for quick repairs and corrections to metallic surfaces. The high-quality fillers of DIAMANT® ensure flawless compensation of surface roughness. In addition, the metal enables the best possible matching to the base material as well as an excellent finish!

The application is very simple and efficient: The ready-to-use 1-component special putty is applied with a spatula in a layer thickness of 2 to 3 millimeters before each new sprue, for example. This means: minimum effort for maximum protection.

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