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Wear protection: Tough as nails

RepaCoat from DIAMANT Polymer is a product system for wear protection and repair coatings, especially in the demanding foundry environment. For example, as a resistant coating in plants for conveying moulding sand.

The polymer-bound metal coating RepaCoat supports preventively and reactively the proper operation of production plants, extends their service life and ensures the efficiency of machines and plants. Further, RepaCoat reduces failures and downtimes and protects against abrasive wear, corrosion and cavitation damage as well as aggressive media.

RepaCoat is available in special product variants for the respective specific applications.

For example, as RepaCoat PH, a liquid or paste-like 2-component polymer material with highly wear resistant, ceramic solid balls and special fillers that protects against abrasive wear, corrosion and cavitation damage. RepaCoat PH adheres to almost all surfaces and resists temperatures up to 150 °C.

It’s also available as RepaCoat CH, a cold-curing epoxy resin formulation for protection against aggressive chemicals that is available as a liquid or paste. By using special resins and hardeners as well as additives and inert fillers, the material has an extremely high chemical resistance. It is corrosion-resistant on all metallic surfaces and withstands temperatures of up to 170 °C. Moreover, RepaCoat CH is extremely wear resistant and durable.

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