Mechanical engineering

Adjusting coatings for tolerance compensation: adapt surfaces with absolute exactness

DIAMANT adjusting coatings are used for the uncomplicated and highly precise fitting of machine parts. Due to the principle of moulding technology, production-related inaccuracies in the micron range are compensated effortlessly and without any mechanical processing – even with different layer thicknesses.

With the DWH product line, DIAMANT offers tried and tested and dimensionally stable fine adjusting coatings for bond areas on devices, components, machines and machine tools. The DWH metal-polymer casting compound makes micron-precise moulding on-site as well as an exact copy of the tool or part surface possible.

The material has all the features and properties that are particularly beneficial in mechanical engineering:

  • Practically non-existent material shrinkage (˜0.05 %)
  • Excellent compressive strength 160 N/mm² (static)
  • High accuracy (micron-precise moulding)
  • Good damping properties
  • Maximum adhesion to metal
  • Extremely durable, practically no ageing or weathering

The ready-to-mix 2-component polymer system can be used without special technical knowledge and is available in three consistencies: pasty, liquid and injected by cartridge gun. The main applications of the adjusting coatings for tolerance compensation are:

  • Alignment and fixing of all kinds of components
  • Spindle shafts for grinders
  • Keyways
  • Fixing of guide rails
  • Bearing supports and bushings
  • Casting of guide bushes and guide pins
  • Centring of machine parts
  • Securing of complete assemblies

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