Mechanical engineering

Polymer-based machine foundations: Solid groundwork

Diverse requirements need differentiated solutions. With different systems DIAMANT meets the demand for load bearing, time and cost optimised levelling of machine foundations. As an intelligent alternative to costly conventional methods of gap compensation – for example with wedge plates or stiffeners.

The product range extends from the on-site applicable polymer system MM1018 for one hundred percent form-fit and force-fit, full-surface gap compensation between steel-steel and steel-concrete elements. From the flowable and fast curing epoxy resin casting compound EP-Flow all the way to the dimensionally stable DWH fine adjusting coating.

Common to all solutions is the clear focus on time-optimised, cost-optimised and uncomplicated application and an extremely flexible range of applications in mechanical engineering.

For example, DIAMANT casting compounds don’t require air curing or finishing as it’s required with water-based systems. Furthermore, there’s no shrinkage as it is usually the case with other systems.

The metal polymer MM1018, also known as “liquid stiffener”, in turn maintains its high compressive strength even under extreme conditions such as strong vibrations or temperature fluctuations from -40 °C to +90 °C. This is also a strong argument for its use in mechanical engineering.

When used on machine foundations, the DWH fine adjusting coating scores with an extremely high load-bearing capacity of 160 N/mm² and thus exemplary compressive strength. Moreover, a value of only 0.05 percent confirms its minimal material shrinkage. It has also good damping properties, best adhesion to metal and extreme durability due to resistance to ageing and weathering.

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