machine engineeringMouldable slide coatings: highest precision with lowest effort

Moulding of complex shapes and structures without mechanical processing with a precision in the µm range: all this at the lowest possible cost and shortest time. This is what wishful thinking in mechanical engineering looks like.

And this is the real existing solution: DIAMANT moglice, the mouldable slide coating system with ultra-fine sliding fillers. It produces surfaces on sliding bearings and guideways that are accurately moulded to the micrometre. For the manufacture or overhaul of high-precision, stick-slip-free sliding surfaces of any geometry: whether round, curved, concave, convex, with undercuts etc. The slide coating hardens without technically relevant shrinkage, so that the accuracy of the moulding surface is transferred to the coating true to form.

This is how the DIAMANT moglice sliding lining system protects against abrasion and wear

The mouldable slide coating allows the easy movement of dynamic elements, protects against abrasion and wear and thus significantly lowers manufacturing and operating costs. It allows a completely jerk-free start and a smooth movement even with high surface loads. Even under unfavourable conditions, such as insufficient lubrication or high loads, the material retains its outstanding properties.

Weighing or measuring is no longer necessary

When used on cast iron, the friction value at rest, for example, is only about 1/7 of the conventional cast iron/steel pairing. In general, composite polymer technology produces excellent sliding properties between machine components made of different materials.

Typical applications in mechanical engineering are:

  • Hydrostatic guides
  • Circular guides
  • Sliding bearings for large machine tools
  • Hydraulic pistons
  • Taper gibs and fitting ledges
  • Guide columns
  • Dovetail slides
  • Linear screw drives
  • Ram guides
  • Support guideways
  • Aerostatic guides (air bearings)
  • Sleeve guides

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