Projects | 08. March 2023 Liquid Shim MM1018 economically secures the closure between the base rails and the reinforcement of roll and slide gates

As part of the renovation of a weir system on the Elbe and Havel in March 2022, the gaps between the base rails and the reinforcement of the roll and slide gates of a 25 m wide gate panel were pressed over the entire surface with MM1018 from DIAMANT to ensure a corrosion- and weather-resistant seal. The liquid lining plate is the flexible, economical solution for  non-positive tolerance compensation in hydraulic steel construction with very high compressive strength.

The military group Quitzöbel (near Havelberg/Saxony-Anhalt) protects the Havel lowlands from Elbe floods, serves to cut off a flood peak of the Elbe, regulates the water level of the Lower Havel and enables the Elbe to be raised at low water levels.

In terms of the construction principle, the rehabilitated old arm weir is a system with underflow sluice gates. The weir has a 25 m wide and 8.75 m high double sweeping gate. This was designed as a four-belt roller protection with a stowage wall on the Havel side and implemented as a rivet construction. The protective panel, which weighs around 150 t, is moved by an open spur gear. A drivable bridge designed as a trough leads over the weir opening.

As part of the renovation of the old arm weir built in 1935, the movable roll and slide gates of the protective wall were renewed. The gaps between the base rails and the armouring of the contactors were closed with MM1018 SEAL and MM1018 FL.

Pressure-tight joint closure and 100% gap compensation

To prepare for the injection of the liquid gap filling material MM1018 FL, the cavities between the base rails and the armouring of the contactors were sealed with MM1018 SEAL in the first step. The metal polymer, which hardens quickly (within two hours), is corrosion- and weather-resistant and enables pressure-tight joint sealing.

After the waterproofing had fully cured, the injection of the liquid MM1018 FL lining sheet could begin. The two-component reactive resin system is provided in a double cartridge system with a static mixer. MM1018 FL must be pressed at least 10mm deep into the gap to allow it to build up and ensure adequate durability.

MM1018 FL injection starts at the lowest elevation position to push the material up. Before starting the injection, it must be ensured that all valves are open. As soon as the injected shim appears at the first point, the corresponding valve is closed and the injection continues until the material has reached the next higher point.

The big advantage of the liquid shim from DIAMANT compared to conventional steel shims is that MM1018 FL flexibly fills every gap 100 percent and does not have to be mechanically processed or adjusted. The two-component reaction resin system MM1018 can be used either as a paste or as a liquid and can be filled or injected, which means that even the smallest, unspecific gaps can be securely sealed.

The conventional solution for gap compensation is the use of compensation plates. In contrast to the liquid backing plate MM1018 FL, however, these cannot guarantee the entire contact surface without manual adjustment, as this usually has an unspecific shape. Machining the shims to fill the gap 100% involves significant measurement, machining and assembly costs.

Liquid Shim MM1018 saves time and money

The use of MM1018 FL at the Quitzöbel weir system has saved the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV) as the operator time and money during installation and enabled smooth construction acceptance. The liquid lining plate is perfect for use in hydraulic steel construction, with heavy loads and permanent moisture, as it achieves a pressure pulsating strength of up to ten million load changes and is both corrosion-resistant and weatherproof.

DIAMANT Managing Director Carsten Kunde emphasizes that “We offer our customers a full service with the DIAMANT assembly service. Our experienced fitters bring the necessary material to the construction site and ensure efficient, smooth application. Excess material will be taken back after the work has been completed. The customer receives complete documentation and a guarantee for full-surface gap compensation on his building. For us, speed and quality are our top priority. We want the customer to come back, not the product.”


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