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Produce sliding surfaces, guide surfaces and hydrostatic bearings with µm precision without subsequent mechanical processing:
This is made possible in a single work step by our moglice moudladble sliding coating, which is now also available in the new 2-component cartridge system moglice Smart. Specially developed for uncomplicated application at the workplace, the medium-viscosity 2-component epoxy resin system in a smart cartridge guarantees application reliability with the simplest possible handling.

Originally developed for the manufacture of guide surfaces and spindle bearings on machine tools, the moglice sliding coating is now also used for air bearings, coupling systems, rack segments and numerous other innovative applications. Compared to conventional manufacturing methods, moglice produces a sliding coating faster and more cost-effectively.

The low-wear polymer system moglice has excellent damping properties and outstanding stick-slip behavior with low static friction. The high dimensional stability and chemical resistance, especially when used with cooling lubricants and bedway oils, characterize this modern material.

moglice Smart consists of a “plug-and-play” double cartridge system that leads to a static mixing helix. The new formulation, consisting of the polymer components resin and hardener, is adjusted to the optimum mixing ratio. One cartridge tube contains the epoxy resin base, the 2nd cartridge tube contains the hardener.

Inserted into a cartridge press, the two substances are optimally mixed and discharged ready for use when the discharge system in the mixing helix is actuated.
The forced metering system reliably excludes mixing errors and thus offers even inexperienced users maximum process reliability. In addition, the “closed” system protects the user from possible skin contact with the material and thus makes a significant contribution to occupational safety. A pot life of around 45 minutes and a low curing time of around 24 hours guarantee efficient and application-safe working.

Another advantage of the smart system is that after use and partial removal of the polymer, the mixing spiral can simply be removed and the cartridge resealed. This means that the resin and hardener remain ready for use in subsequent applications and material consumption is reduced to almost the required quantity.
Electric or pneumatic dispensers are recommended for use with 2K cartridge systems. Dispensing devices enable ergonomic and fatigue-free working with the cartridge system.

moglice Smart is available in 400 and 1000 ml containers.

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