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Improved two-component reaction resin: ultrametal

27. April 2018

Improved two-component reaction resin:

Process-safe cold welding without heat load


The German specialist for coating and polymer systems Diamant Metallplastic has again improved its two-component reaction resin system “ultrametal” for cold welding. It makes it even easier to compensate for casting and surface defects on metals with all the benefits of chemical cold welding.


With ultrametal repairs can be carried out on metal parts made of aluminum, bronze, steel and iron. For each of these metals, Diamant Metallplastic offers the matching two-component reaction resin system with matching metal finish within the ultrametal product line. Each as a pasty and liquid application variant. So far, when using ultrametal, a corresponding hardener has to be used for every metal character. Thus, a total of 16 different components were available for the four metal types, pasty and liquid versions: Eight resins and eight hardeners – each with different mixing ratios.


Universal hardener for all metals


Now the German coating and polymer specialist has succeeded in developing a universally applicable hardener for repairs to aluminum, bronze, steel and iron. This makes the ultrametal product range considerably more compact with now six components. At the same time, the previously independent mixing ratio could be standardized. Both essential steps to even more process reliability and work optimization.


Even with an ambient temperature of 10°C, the new universal hardener enables ultrametal to withstand mechanical stress even after 24 hours. A second developed hardener for the product range enables safe cold welding even at temperatures down to -5°C. In addition, it can be used as a rapid hardener at normal temperature (20°C). Positive additional effect: The storage stability of the two-component reaction resin system has improved from 36 months to 60 months due to the new mixing ratio.


Based in Mönchengladbach, Germany, Diamant Metallplastic GmbH develops, formulates and produces metal polymers and coatings for the metalworking industry, casting, steel and bridge construction and shipbuilding. Founded in 1886 and still managed as a family business, Diamant Metallplastic GmbH has a global sales network with more than 40 foreign agencies in the major industrial centers of the world.



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