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REPACOAT solves welding fume extraction problems

11. March 2021

REPACOAT AHWB is a highly cross-linked, cold-curing 2-component polymer with non-stick fillers used by a well-known welding robot manufacturer to ensure the performance of welding fume extraction nozzles.


The manufacturer hands over the blanks of the suction nozzles, which were produced as an aluminum alloy by using additive manufacturing technology, to our material  specialist in the SERVICE department.  As a service, this department takes over all the necessary work for coating with REPACOAT and, after a short processing time, delivers the completely finished suction nozzles back to the welding robot manufacturer.


In addition to its non-stick effect, the wear protection coating has excellent resistance against aggressive chemicals and is temperature resistant up to 120°C. REPACOAT is optimized as protection against many organic and inorganic acids and is highly resistant to solvents. Therefore it is particularly suitable for providing protection in tanks, pipes and pumps in the chemical industry. Fully chemically resistant is achieved after 7 days of curing at room temperature.



When applied to welding fume extractors, REPACOAT Type AHWB anti-stick and anti-wear coating reduces the amount of welding particles and welding dusts that adhere and stick to the nozzles of the extractor on the welding robot. A permanently increasing build-up of deposits and debris is effectively prevented.


  • Key advantages for the operator of the welding robots are:
  • Stable extraction performance  due to clean flow channel  nozzles
  • Frequency of malfunction failures due to decreasing extraction performance is reduced
  • Reduction of Nozzle wear due to mechanical cleaning
  • Minimizing machine down-time due to extended maintenance and service intervals
  • Maintenance time significantly reduced due to easier  and more simple cleaning process


In addition to REPACOAT AHWB, other of our wear protection products are in use at the end customer’s site. Due to their easy processability, they are used by the end customer’s technicians in their own work. Depending on the variant, REPACOAT can be painted, sprayed or trowelled.

Layer thicknesses of up to 10 mm are possible. Compared to conventional measures for wear protection, the application of REPACOAT to protect against wear, rust, erosion and cavitation damage is an efficient means of reducing costs and ensuring plant availability.

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