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Diamant Metallplastic.

The application areas.


Exemplary fields of application and applications for diamond polymer systems.




In the foundry industry and the automotive sector, Diamant Metallplastic polymer systems are used primarily in metal repair, surface treatment, impregnation and wear protection.

Typical applications are, for example, the capillary-active impregnation of castings, the correction of surface roughness or the closing of voids.

The polymer-bound coating systems prevent thermal, abrasive and chemical wear and thus significantly increase the service life and reliability of products, systems and machines.



In mechanical engineering, polymer systems from Diamant Metallplastic ensure permanently form and force-locking connections without mechanical processing. Both for static connections, such as foundations or flanges, as well as for dynamic connections, such as guideways.


Depending on the product line, they serve as a friction lining system for producing precisely shaped sliding surfaces and guideways and for producing or overhauling high-precision sliding surfaces. The formation of dimensionally stable adjustments. Or the production of complex and thin-walled seals without the need for an injection mold and vulcanization.


Mechanical engineering companies around the world cooperate with Diamant Metallplastic as a system partner for the repair, machine overhaul and new construction of, for example, machine tools.




With the metal polymer MM1018, Diamant Metallplastic provides steel and bridge construction with the world’s first polymer-bonded gap compensation material with general building approval (DIBt).


It enables pressure-resistant and 100% form and force locked gap compensation at joints, flanges and bearing seats. This in one step, without mechanical processing and without the additional use of wedge plates or liquid shims. At the same time, the material provides corrosion protection at the contact surfaces between steel elements or steel and concrete elements.


The polymer-bound metal MM1018 has already proven itself in more than 1,000 applications worldwide.




Diamant Metallplastic polymer systems provide wear protection and repair coatings in demanding industrial environments.

They protect metallic surfaces against abrasive wear, corrosion and cavitation damage and offer resistance to aggressive chemicals such as acids, alkalis and coolants.

In the product variant for uncomplicated rubber and seal renewal, the polymer ensures reliable adhesion to metal, natural and synthetic rubber, wood, concrete etc.

A specialized solution for the capillary-active impregnation and sealing of thermal coatings offers penetration protection against water, oils, air, gases and foreign bodies.



Pore-deep sealing of thermal sprayed coatings is possible with Diamant Metallplastic’s dichtol polymer sealing system.


Due to its special capillary effect, the polymer “pumps” itself – even against gravity – into the depth of the material, thus closing even the smallest hairline cracks and micro-porosities.


The result is a deep yet corrosion-resistant protection against water, oils, air, gases and other aggressive media.



In the maritime industry, shipbuilding and offshore, Diamant Metallplastic solutions are used for maintenance, repair and overhaul as well as material protection.


The specialized polymer systems are particularly suitable for fast, effective on-site repair. Due to the uncomplicated application, (emergency) repairs can be carried out on board by the crew.


The Diamant products are used extensively in shipyards and maritime installations, such as offshore drilling rigs and offshore wind turbines.


Exemplary application areas in the shipbuilding and offshore sector are repairs to pipelines, emergency repairs on shafts or drives, chemical cold welding or the wear protection of containers, pumps and tanks.



In rapid prototyping, polymer systems from Diamant Metallplastic do two things: refining the surface and increasing dimensional stability.

Due to the principle of capillary-active sealing, the highly resistant polymer penetrates deep into the treated prototyping workpiece and cures there. Even micropores, porosities and hairline cracks are closed.

As a result, Diamant’s rapid prototyping solutions not only improve the surface finish but also the basic properties of the workpiece. For example, the strength of brittle materials and the dimensional stability of the workpiece.



Diamant Metallplastic.

Research and development.


Research and development are among the central divisions of Diamant Metallplastic GmbH. Here, tried-and-tested products are continuously developed and new formulations are formulated and comprehensively tested.


The products and system solutions of the German specialist company are in many cases the result of cooperation in a worldwide network of scientists, universities and research institutes. For example, Diamant Metallplastic GmbH and the Institute of Surface Technology (IOT) jointly developed a new method for the qualification of sealants for thermally sprayed coatings in a joint research project (ZIM project).


The research and development work is flanked by dialogue with industry associations, ministries and business organizations.


The knowledge and the input from these sources are pooled by Diamant Metallplastic in the research and development department at the German production site in Mönchengladbach in the Rhineland.


Parallel to its own research and development work Diamant Metallplastic supports the users in the development of the optimal application technology for their individual application challenge. Extensive laboratory tests on behalf of the customer are carried out as well as realistic tests – for example on the behavior of Diamant products on user-specific surfaces or materials.


The polymer and coating specialist will be able to modify and align Diamant assortment products to meet specific customer requirements with its product adaptation service.


In addition, special fillings in application-oriented packaging sizes can be commissioned for time-optimized, uninterrupted and economical series processing. The filling and packaging of Diamant products as a customer’s own label is also realized.



Diamant Metallplastic.

Service and consulting.


As a rule, technical applications in metalworking are not universal processes but individual solutions. This results in independent requirements for the service quality of the industrial cooperation partners.

Against this background, Diamant Metallplastic supports its customers in advance of an application. For example, to achieve the optimum result with customer-oriented advice, subsequent problem identification and joint development of a solution concept.

On this basis, the choice of the right polymer system can be made or the development of individual formulations can be initiated.

With the modular system for the Diamant assembly service, customers can select the individually required scope of services precisely and economically. For example, it is determined whether the product processing is to be carried out by the user or on-site by Diamant specialist personnel.

Other modules of the assembly and user service include user training, user-assisted assistance, QS and acceptance protocol as well as product or application liability or a warranty of up to 50 years.

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