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DIAMANT MM1018 Injection-Pads no messing around

21. June 2021

A particular challenge in assembly in steel construction is the time, buildings must be efficiently assembled in pre-defined periods of time. If this leads to delays due to production-related tolerance deviations, for example, that machine components connect to steel components.



The two areas of mechanical engineering and steel construction have different tolerance requirements, but still have to fit together perfectly. Here, a quick and time-saving method must be found, how this gap and gaping, force-locking can be closed. One method can be the classic feed sheets, which, however, have to be adapted very elaborately and time-consumingly with increasing complexity of the gaping. Another alternative is our liquid feed sheet MM1018 in combination with the flexible application process “Injection-Pad”. The combination is particularly suitable for difficult, fast-to-carry out applications in steel construction.




Two films individually tailored to the respective shape of the connection point and welded together form the shell of an injection pad. The  pads  are cut-resistant and extremely stretchable  and without complex sealing work,  it is possible to fill the gap air bubble-free and precisely on site  with MM1018  liquid.   By using the pads, the gap compensation can be carried out time- and cost-effectively even with complex geometries.





The metal polymer MM1018 is a two-component reaction resin system that combines steel-steel and steel-concrete connections safely and one hundred percent force-locking. Already after 24 hours it is completely cured and fully resilient. MM1018 adapts to any structure, including the film, thanks to its honey-like consistency and shapes even the smallest features precisely. In this cases,  even edges of screw holes without affecting the freeness of the screws are no problem. Thus, our film cushions open up new possibilities for hard-to-reach places without special effort, even if it sometimes comes to a disassembly of the building. The injection pads themselves can be tailored to all standard-compliant and individual shapes and can also be manufactured in large quantities.



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