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Diamant plasticmetal: Metal polymer for repairing blowholes and voids

Diamant plasticmetal: Metal polymer for repairing blowholes and voids

26. September 2018

Quick repair of cast iron, steel and metal parts:

Metal polymer for repairing blowholes and voids


With the polymer-bound repair system “plasticmetal” Diamant Metallaplastic GmbH offers a material to carry out small and medium surface repairs on cast iron, steel and metal alloys. plasticmetal cures particularly quickly and has a very good metal finish due to the high proportion of fine metal fillers.


The metal polymer is used to repair blowholes, cavities, imperfections, faulty holes and wear points on aluminum, sphero, gray and ferro-casts as well as non-ferrous metals such as bronze, copper, brass, red brass and stainless steel. A particularly high proportion of true metallic fillers gives the user a significant advantage: a very good metal finish that can be machined and manually processed just like metal.


plasticmetal was specially developed for industrial use and is therefore highly resistant to physical, thermal and chemical influences as well as continuous temperatures up to 250°Celsius (C). In the short term, it can withstand temperatures up to + 350°C.


The polymer system consists of two components: the hardener fluid and the base powder, which can each be combined with one of six hardener fluids. The freely selectable mixing ratio then ensures a liquid to pasty consistency. A particular advantage of this is the precisely controllable curing of the material. Depending on the choice of hardener, it is thus possible to choose between fast and slow hardening with specific heat resistance as well as jet and drainage strength.


To apply plasticmetal from Diamant Metallplastic, the adhesive surface on the component must be roughened, degreased and dry. After a thin adhesive layer has been filled with pressure, the required layer thickness can then be applied. At a temperature of + 5°C to 45°C, plasticmetal then hardens completely within 5 to 60 minutes – depending on the choice of hardener.


Diamant Metallplastic GmbH, based in Mönchengladbach in the Rhineland, develops, formulates and produces metal polymers and coatings for the metalworking industry, casting, steel and bridge construction and shipbuilding. Founded in 1886 and still managed as a family business, Diamant Metallplastic GmbH has a global sales network with over 40 foreign representations in major industrial centers around the world.

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Diamant plasticmetal: Metal polymer for repairing blowholes and voids

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