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Dichtol gets “hot”!

9. November 2020

Impregnation of porous structures and layers:

New, fast curing sealer for application temperatures up to 500°C


Thermal coating and rapid prototyping now have  a new, fast-curing sealer for porous structures and layers available that can be used for temperatures up to 500oC. “Dichtol HTR HS” shows besides the easy curing at room temperature a multitude of further useful benefits.


This novelty was developed as a continuation of our market proven impregnation material Dichtol 0977.


Dichtol HTR HS (High Temperature Resistant High Solid) is a highly capillary active polymer mixture based on silicone resin. The low-viscosity system is able to penetrate deep into porous structures and seal them gas- and liquid-tight, purely by capillary force. Specially designed for use on different thermal spray coatings (LDS, APS, HVOF, etc.), the material can achieve a penetration depth of over 80 percent.


Its extremely high solid content of over 98 percent ensures complete filling of pores without significant volume shrinkage. The results are longer-lasting corrosion protection and increased dielectric strength compared to other sealers.



Another enormous practical advantage: Dichtol HTR HS cures completely at room temperature within only 60 minutes. The surface drying takes place after only 15 minutes. Additional tempering or heating is not necessary.


It is also remarkable that the new sealer does not require any solvents. This is a considerable plus not only in terms of occupational safety, but also in terms of environmental compatibility.

Dichtol HTR HS which can be applied by brush, spray and immersion is now available in containers of one, five, ten and 200 liters.

Further information here: Dichtol


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