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Impregnating porous structures – the unsoluble sugar cube

18. January 2021

Dichtol is the ideal solution when it comes to sealing, infiltrating or impregnating porous structures and layers. Due to the capillary effect, the polymer system penetrates quickly and deeply into the parts to be treated. After curing, the treated structures are filled with a polymer and permanently protected. Areas of application include sealing metal parts, ceramics, thermal coatings or additive manufactured components such as rapid prototyping or 3D printing, whose structures almost always have micropores. The application is completely effortless without vacuum or pressure at room temperature.


But how does it work exactly?


We have used a simple application example to illustrate this effect. Take a highly porous medium such as the “common” sugar cube and immerse it in Dichtol. The infiltrate penetrates deep into the open pores. After curing, the polymer remains in the structure, thus closing the pores or sealingthe the structure with a protective protective coating. As a result, the sugar cube is impregnated and will not dissolve in water.



Dichtol has food and drinking water approval. If you want to learn more useful info and properties about this ingenious product – just click on the link below: DICHTOL

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