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Manufacture special seals – curing even in the absence of oxygen with diaflex AP

30. October 2019

Diamant Metallplastic: Improving diaflex AP


Manufacture special seals – curing even in the absence of oxygen


The German specialist for coating and polymer systems, Diamant Metallplastic, has improved its two-component elastomer system “diaflex AP” for the production of special seals. Now seals can be easily made on site, even in the absence of oxygen.


Diaflex AP from Diamant Metallplastic is an elastomer system for the fast and cost-saving production of industrial seals. Even complicated gaskets are manufactured cost-effective and directly on site with this material. The two-component material diaflex is cold-curing.


Due to its very high resistance to abrasion, tensile and tear as well as a very good resistance to oils, lubricating greases and coolant emulsions, diaflex AP is particularly suitable for applications in mechanical and plant engineering. The low processing viscosity enables the production of complicated and thin-walled parts. Even large, complex seals can be cast – due to the extremely low shrinkage behavior – easily on site, for example, on machines.


So far, the elastomer system cured exclusively by means of oxygen and was able to keep its fast curing time of 24 hours. In a closed mold curing took much longer.


Now, the Mönchengladbach-based polymer and coating specialist Diamant Metallplastic has succeeded in developing an elastomer system that cures safely and quickly even in the absence of oxygen.


After just 24 hours at room temperature, the new diaflex can be demolded and after a week it is also resistant to chemicals. It remains user-friendly and can still be used directly on site.


Diamant Metallplastic GmbH, headquartered in Mönchengladbach, Germany, develops, formulates and produces metal polymers and coatings for the metalworking industry, casting technology, steel and bridge construction and shipbuilding. Founded in 1886 and still managed as a family-owned company, Diamant Metallplastic GmbH has a global sales network with over 40 foreign agencies in major industrial centers around the world.



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diaflex – the cold-curing elastomer system for the fast, cost-saving manufacture of seals, e.g. for mechanical engineering.

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