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New for steel and concrete construction: EP-Flow

New for steel and concrete construction: EP-Flow

10. March 2017

Flowable grouting mortar with rapid curing and high compressive strength  


With a newly developed grout, the German polymer and coating specialist Diamant Metallplastic provides the construction industry with a further material for the quick compensation of unevenness. The extremely flowable and fast-curing epoxy resin system “EP-Flow” closes gaps and cavities one-hundredth force and form-locking.


The grouting mortar to be applied from a layer thickness of 10 millimeters is used as intermediate layer between steel- and concrete elements as well as between concrete elements. It does not require curing in the air or post-processing, as is the case with water-based systems. In addition, the otherwise usual shrinkage is eliminated.


Due to its optimum viscosity, the new material can be filled very well into both the largest and the smallest cavities and operates self-leveling after introduction. Its high stability ensures absolute dimensional stability even in changing ambient conditions – such as fluctuating temperature and humidity. In addition, the new grouting mortar has a higher compressive strength as well as weathering and corrosion resistance.


Compared to mineral casting systems, EP-Flow of Diamant Metallplastic hardens very quickly and has a high strength after only 60 minutes.


With these properties, EP-Flow opens up numerous fields of application, including in concrete and steel water construction. Typical application areas are potting on steel and concrete supports, rail systems, sluice gates, reinforcements, storage underpins as well as steel and wind power towers.


The application is extremely practical: The potting compound mass is stirred with a stirrer and then placed on or into the surface to be treated. Thus, it is possible to fill larger areas within a very short time.


Diamant Metallplastic offers the EP-Flow potting compound prefabricated in the three container sizes of 5.5 kg, 11 and 22 kg.


Diamant Metallplastic GmbH, located in Mönchengladbach, Germany, develops, formulates and produces metal polymers as well as coatings and wear protection on a polymer basis. Customers are the metal processing industry, mechanical engineering, the automotive sector, casting technology, steel and bridge construction as well as the maritime industry. Founded in 1886 and still run as a family business, Diamant Metallplastic GmbH has a global distribution network with more than 40 representations in the major industrial centers in the world.

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