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Diamant plasticmetal

Voids and defects controlled and repair directly


Diamant plasticmetal is a fast-curing polymer-bound metal repair system for filling voids and machining defects in all cast iron, steel and metal alloys.


Due to the particularly high proportion of real metal fillers, plasticmetal has a very good metal finish and can be machined like metal by machine and manually.


Essential areas of application and properties  

plasticmetal fills blowholes, cavities, defects and wear points on cast aluminum, nodular cast iron, gray cast iron, cast iron and cast iron.  


The metal polymer was specially developed for industrial use and is therefore highly resistant to physical, thermal and chemical influences as well as continuous temperatures up to 250°C.  


A particular advantage is the precisely controllable hardening of the material, achieved by specifically selected hardener liquids. For example, you can choose between fast and slow curing with specific heat resistance as well as jet and drainage strength.  


Due to its consistency, plasticmetal adheres very well to all metals. The available metal powder variants are iron, steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, gunmetal, iron oxide, alloy and ceram.  


Other properties include high compressive and tensile strength as well as the possibility of overpainting.




Ten metal powders and seven hardener liquids can be individually composed in the plasticmetal repair system and used for specific applications.  


Due to different mixing ratios, the material is available in the consistencies liquid, semi-solid and solid. For smaller applications, unmixed material can be stored without any problems and is therefore available again for later use. plasticmetal can be applied on site without special expertise.

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