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Diamant ultrametal

Cold welding without heat load


Ultrametal from Diamant Metallplastic is the material used for bonding, repairing and repairing large-area defects on metal workpieces by cold welding. It renews worn or eroded, corroded and damaged metal surfaces and parts or connects them safely and permanently.  


Cold welding produces no heat input into the component. For example, stress cracks or deformations are prevented.  


Specially selected polymers and fillers provide very good technical properties of the two-component reaction resin systems. Even large surfaces can be easily processed with ultrametal because the material has no shrinkage.


Essential areas of application and properties  


For more than 50 years, ultrametal has been used in the leading metalworking industries, including automotive, marine, engineering and housing.  


The fields of application are versatile and range from axle and shaft repairs over the coating of heat exchangers to the bonding of metal, wood or concrete.  


The polymer-based 2-component repair system is resistant to corrosion and wear and can withstand temperatures of up to 160°C. It is also resistant to chemical and physical influences. Since ultrametal contains up to 90 percent metallic fillers, the material has a perfect metal character and can be processed like metal.




Cold welding with ultrametal requires no accessories and saves time compared to common welding processes. First, with a little pressure, a thin adhesive layer is applied to the area to be repaired. Subsequently, it can be refinished to the desired layer thickness.  


The choice of ultrametal depends on the type of material to be processed (steel, iron, ceramics, etc.) and the viscosity of ultrametal to be used. For a precise application, Diamant Metallplastic offers the user the polymer in containers prepared in practice.

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