Accessories Release agents, cleaners, hand protection and more: original accessories and work equipment for effective workflow

With a practice-oriented range of accessories, we at DIAMANT Polymer GmbH support our customers in the workflow-efficient use of the products.

The DIAMANT accessories are exactly adjusted to the application areas of the different metal polymer systems and coatings and facilitate the work preparation, application and post-processing.

DIAMANT Cleaner: Clean bonding surfaces for best results

The specially developed DIAMANT cleaner reliably removes grease, oil and coolant residues as well as impurities, thus creating a perfect adhesive surface for all DIAMANT products.

DIAMANT Separator: silicone-free and on special wax basis 

The DIAMANT Separator is free of silicones, forms a separating layer based on special wax and thus precisely prevents the adhesion of DIAMANT products in areas where this is not desired.

The quality separator is very easy to polish up with a soft cloth.


Venturi Coating System spray gun: uniform, time-optimized coating of medium-sized areas

The DIAMANT Venturi Coating System is the ideal solution for applying RepaCoat coatings to medium-sized surfaces. With the innovative low-pressure process, the duration of application is drastically shortened while effectiveness is increased.

Thus, the Venturi Coating System can easily coat up to 20 m² per hour with a layer thickness of 200 µm.  The use of the Venturi Coating System requires a compressed air source of 6 – 8 bar in addition to the Venturi spray gun. The RepaCoat coating is supplied in a double cartridge with special mixing helix for the system.


DIAMANT liquid glove: invisible skin protection

The proven liquid glove from DIAMANT for non-aqueous work areas forms an invisible protective film on the skin. It protects them from heavy soiling and contamination. Unlike conventional plastic gloves, the innovative Liquid Glove prevents sweating by allowing the skin to breathe naturally.

The DIAMANT liquid glove is over 85% biodegradable, the remaining residues are environmentally neutral (chemically inert) and water soluble. Therefore, the invisible glove can be easily rinsed off after use with the help of water.

Easy application in a few steps: 

Step 1: Remove and apply paste

Step 2: Apply liquid glove

Step 3: Wash off paste from skin with water


DIAMANT assembly and user service

Our service, our products – all from one source. At DIAMANT Polymer, you receive individual and application-related advice from experts and high-quality services. Our service technicians are on duty for you – gladly directly at your site.

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