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Aerospace, automotive industry, mechanical, structural and hydraulic engineering: In an increasing number of industrial and commercial applications, adhesives are replacing previously common joining methods such as welding, riveting or soldering. With an eminent advantage: perfectly customisable adaptation to different materials and material surfaces. Precisely customisable for the intended use and operating conditions. This makes it the joining material of the future.

With decades of experience in the development and formulation of adhesives, DIAMANT covers all relevant tasks with well-engineered products:

  • Gluing of metals
  • Gluing plastics
  • Gluing concrete
  • Fast adhesive
  • Elastic adhesives

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Gluing of metals

Gluing of metals: top tier connection technology. Here, highly stressed components and materials mean special demands for the adhesive that joins them. It often has to resist extreme tensile and shear forces as well as different expansion coefficients, even if it was applied in thicker layers to compensate for unevenness or inaccuracies of the joining surfaces.

DIAMANT products meet these requirements. As internationally recognised reference solutions for gluing all types of metals.

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Gluing plastics

Birds of a feather flock together? That’s not the case when gluing plastics because chemically and physically related materials are more difficult to glue than combinations of different materials. This is where expertise and solution diversity are particularly in demand – as offered by DIAMANT in its broad range of knowledge and products. For safe and unproblematic gluing of plastics – the connection technology of the future.

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Gluing concrete

Porous, roughened surface and indeterminate water content: the demanding “basis” for the use of adhesives in the joining of concrete elements. These conditions require adhesive formulations with higher viscosity and insensitivity to residual moisture. Intelligent adhesive solutions, as developed by DIAMANT for the challenging gluing of concrete are formulated for specific applications and marketed worldwide.

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Fast adhesive

If things have to move fast later on, a lot of thought is required during development. At least when it comes to fast adhesives. Because fast curing times of less than 15 minutes require particularly sophisticated formulations so that speed does not come at the expense of strength and safety. DIAMANT formulations for fast adhesives convince by a thousandfold proven combination of fast curing and high, resilient bonding strength. Ideal for use in time-critical repairs and touch-ups or in tightly scheduled production processes.

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Elastic adhesives

When movement comes into play, some adhesives prove to be too stiff and brittle. Especially fast and two-component adhesives are often structurally too “hard” to compensate for movements of connected components or vibrations. The result: They break open over time, the glue joint cracks and the connection comes loose. Elastic adhesives from DIAMANT prevent this effect and join even moving materials and elements safely and reliably in the long term.

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