Casting CompoundsProtection, functionality and a secure base from a single application

Self-levelling DIAMANT casting compounds on epoxy resin, silicone and acrylate basis convince as a resilient base, reliable coating and secure fixing aid for the protection of electrical and electronic components and mechanical assemblies. They ensure stable positioning and prevent the ingress of moisture, dust, dirt, operating fluids or solvents. Casting compounds protect effectively against mechanical stress as a covering compound or seal cavities as a filling compound.

With decades of experience in the formulation of self-compensating casting compounds, DIAMANT covers all relevant application areas and product variants:

  • Ferromagnetic casting compounds
  • Mineral insulating casting compounds
  • Casting compounds for foundations
  • Casting compounds for mouldable sliding bearings
  • Separation joint coatings
  • Adjustment casting compounds
  • Casting compounds for gap compensation

Besides the standard range of products, DIAMANT also customises casting compounds and resins adapted to your individual applications and conditions.

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Ferromagnetic casting compounds

Ferromagnetic casting compounds from DIAMANT are two-component polymer materials enriched with metal fillers. They are used for the uncomplicated large-area or punctual adhesion of magnetic components on the respective surface.

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Mineral insulating casting compounds

DIAMANT’s well developed and reliable insulating mineral casting compounds are used for the professional protection of electrical and electronic components and assemblies. Designed to meet the extreme safety requirements in industrial and construction environments, they impress with their enormous load-bearing capacity and durability combined with uncomplicated processing and application.

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Casting compounds for foundations

DIAMANT meets the demand for sustainable, time and cost optimised design and levelling of foundations with different systems. The intelligently developed, self-compensating casting compounds completely replace costly conventional methods of gap compensation – for example with wedge plates or stiffeners.

DIAMANT solutions include a polymer system that can be applied on-site for one hundred percent form-fit, force-fit and full-surface gap compensation between steel-to-steel and steel-to-concrete elements, a flowable and fast curing epoxy casting compound and dimensionally stable fine adjustment coatings.

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Casting compounds for mouldable sliding bearings

DIAMANT’s self-levelling slide coatings with finest sliding fillers allow the moulding of complex shapes and structures with micron-precision without mechanical processing. This makes them ideal for producing or overhauling high-precision, stick-slip-free sliding surfaces of any geometry.

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Separation joint coatings

Separation joint coatings from DIAMANT are used for the uncomplicated and highly precise creation of partially elastic joints. Due to the principle of the moulding technology, the flexible and self-levelling casting compound even compensates inaccuracies in the micron-range effortlessly and without mechanical processing.

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Adjustment casting compounds

Dimensionally stable fine adjustment compounds from DIAMANT ensure precise tolerance compensation of joints in components, machines and machinery. The metal polymer casting compounds make micro-precise moulding on the spot and an exact copy of the part surface possible.

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Gap compensation

Polymer casting compounds from DIAMANT make the one hundred percent force- and form-fit gap compensation between steel-to-steel and steel-to-concrete joints possible. The self-levelling two-component reaction resin systems, which are highly filled with special metallic substances, can be mixed on-site and applied effortlessly. In just one step, they provide absolutely form-fit and force-fit gap compensation – without subsequent mechanical processing and without the need for additional wedge plates or stiffeners.

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