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No place for mechanical and chemical influences

Friction, abrasion, cavitation, chemicals, breakage and leakage: With a variety of coating solutions, DIAMANT acts as a protective layer for heavily loaded surfaces. In industrial plants, process engineering systems, pipelines, containers, transport systems and on functional elements.

Wear-resistant, chemical-resistant, corrosion-resistant and permanently flexible. Economical and time-optimised application. Individually adapted to the specific application.

With an extremely wide range of intelligently composed recipes. As epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, silicone and acrylic systems.

Wear protection and repair coatings from DIAMANT

  • support the flawless operation of production plants,
  • extend the service lives of machines and plants,
  • safeguard the efficiency of machines and plants,
  • reduce failures and downtimes,
  • protect against abrasive wear and cavitation damage
  • and protect from aggressive media.

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Wear protection: Completely sealed!

DIAMANT offers a variety of tried and tested product systems for wear resistant coatings in demanding industrial environments. The focus here is on pasty 2-component polymer materials with highly wear-resistant, ceramic solid balls and special fillers (RepaCoat PH). They are characterised by good flow and high drainage resistance. The durable coating materials are particularly effective where extremely high wear protection against impacting solid particles in liquid media, gases and bulk solids is required.

For the highly efficient application of the liquid RepaCoat variant to medium-sized surfaces, the DIAMANT Venturi Coating System is available. The innovative low-pressure spray process drastically shortens the application time while increasing effectiveness. Hence, using the Venturi Coating System, 20 m² can be coated effortlessly in an hour with a layer thickness of 200 µm.

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Cavitation protection: Break impulses!

Micro-pulses through vapour-filled cavities in liquids – or in simple terms bubbles – have the potential for significant damage, or at least significant material wear. For example, on impellers, turbine blades or ship propellers. DIAMANT coatings offer protection against such cavitation effects.

Their special composition guarantees the elasticity that is absolutely necessary for this particular application, while at the same time providing mechanical strength. This ensures that the permanent alternation of pressure and tension, typical for cavitation, is countered and that impulses acting on the coated component are “broken down”.

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Chemical protection: Eliminate dangers!

Almost unpredictable, interacting, potentially destructive: Chemical-corrosive effects are among the most problematic damages to material in plants and constructions. DIAMANT addresses these scenarios with a wide range of highly effective coating solutions for chemically stressed surfaces.

For example, the liquid, cold-curing epoxy formulation RepaCoat CH offers special protection against mixtures of aggressive organic and inorganic media. With excellent chemical resistance – achieved through the use of special resins and hardeners as well as additives and inert fillers.

Especially in the chemical sector DIAMANT’s motto is: Reaction is everything! Therefore, our laboratory is available for formulation, testing and trial of solutions according to individual customer specifications. Highly specialised, responsive and experienced.

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Repair/ Breakage/ Leakage: Eliminate the weakest link!

Small cause large effect: machine downtime, interruption of production, loss of earnings, consequential damage, loss of credibility or contractual penalties. Even inconspicuous breaks or leaks in plants and processes can turn into economic and legal disasters. DIAMANT materials for repair coating close identified weak spots quickly and easily.

The wide range of products includes the industry-wide proven 2-component repair system ultrametall for bonding, repairing and patching large-area defects on metal workpieces, the cold-curing elastomer system diaflex for the fast and cost-saving production of seals and RepaCoat FX for rubber and seal renewal with high abrasion and tear resistance which returns to its original shape after stretching or compression. To name just three examples of the diversity of the product range…

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Adhesion protection/anti-adhesion coatings: No sticking!

When materials that are not supposed to do so join, it can result in toxic compounds. In industrial use, mainly due to undesirable powdery, sticky or moist residues. DIAMANT’s resilient non-stick coatings stop them in the first place.

It is precisely here that our enormous wealth of experience in the formulation of precisely targeted coating solutions becomes apparent. When it comes to adhesion protection, practically no two challenges are alike – because surfaces and corresponding substances vary greatly. DIAMANT fulfils these requirements firstly through the already existing range diversity – and secondly through application-related product modifications and customer-specific developed variants.

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Elastomeric coatings: stay in shape!

Looking good despite heavy use – and still being in good shape: Elastomeric coatings from DIAMANT protect surfaces from damaging influences such as impacts, shocks or scratching and provide a firm grip when gripping, holding, fixing or clamping.

Elastomeric coatings from DIAMANT: Ensure the right look and handling.

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