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DIAMANT fillers repair, optimise and perfect surfaces and materials with different structures and functions as highly filled, paste-like plastic systems. With the experience of the international pioneer in the development of metal fillers and with exemplary product diversity and convincing application diversity:

  • Tin replacement/tin solder replacement
  • Powder knifing paste fillers
  • Repair and rebuilding of metals
  • Mouldable slide coating(s)
  • Sliding bearings
  • Separation joint coatings
  • Adjustment casting compounds
  • Gap compensation

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Tin replacement/tin solder replacement

DIAMANT’s tin replacement/tin solder replacement offers an intelligent and modern alternative for the common tinning of metals in car bodies. The metal filler is ideal wherever the temperature input required for conventional tinning causes problems. For example, when metal and other materials – for example plastics – are connected or adjoining and if an immediate overpainting without necessary fine sanding should be possible.

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Knifing paste filler on powder coatings

Ideal solutions from DIAMANT for repair and finishing work on powder-coated or powder-painted surfaces. With a high filler content to build up the required conductivity – they can therefore be painted/coated immediately without further finishing or treatment.

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Repair and rebuilding of metals

As varied as the industry, construction sector and trade requirements: Fillers from DIAMANT for the repair and rebuilding of metals. As versatile metal repair systems for filling shrinkage cavities, blow holes, imperfections and machining defects in all cast iron, steel and metal alloys. For the compensation of casting and surface defects on metals or for joining, touching up and repairing components with all the advantages of chemical cold welding.

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Mouldable slide coating(s)

Solutions for moulding complex, µm-precision shapes and structures without machining – at the lowest cost and time. Mouldable slide coatings with tiny sliding fillers from DIAMANT make it possible.

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Sliding bearings

DIAMANT slide coatings produce precisely moulded surfaces on sliding bearings and guideways down to the micrometre. They are ideal for the production or overhaul of high-precision, stick-slip-free sliding surfaces of any geometry. They allow dynamic elements to run smoothly, protect against abrasion and wear, and thus significantly reduce manufacturing and operating costs.

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Separation joint coatings

Separation joint coatings from DIAMANT are used for the uncomplicated, highly precise fitting of machine parts. Due to the principle of moulding technology, production-related inaccuracies in the micron range are compensated effortlessly and without any mechanical processing – even with different layer thicknesses.

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Adjusting coating

DIAMANT offers a wide range of industry proven, dimensionally stable fine adjusting coatings for tolerance adjustment on devices, components, machines and machine tools. The DWH metal-polymer casting compounds makes micron-precise moulding on-site as well as an exact copy of the tool or part surface possible.

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Gap compensation

“Liquid stiffener” DIAMANT’s solution for one hundred percent form-fit and force-fit gap compensation. The sophisticated polymer system is the only one with building authority approval (DIBt) considerably saves time and personnel costs compared to conventional methods of gap filling – with a clear increase in flexibility, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

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