Impregnate, seal, infiltrate

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Impregnate, seal, infiltrate: With a sophisticated and diversified product range DIAMANT covers the whole range of these demanding tasks.

The product range includes precisely composed systems for the

  • Infiltration of 3D printed products
  • Sealing of thermally sprayed layers
  • Impregnation of metals and ceramics
  • Impregnation of concrete

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Infiltration of 3D printed products

DIAMANT offers ready-to-use polymer impregnation systems for the safe and fast sealing of micropores, porosities and hairline cracks in rapid prototyping, 3D printing and generative manufacturing. Thanks to the excellent capillary activity of DIAMANT polymers, they penetrate deep into the workpiece, harden there and also seal and impregnate the surface.

In doing so, they anchor themselves in the treated part and seal it reliably – even at changing temperatures. Besides surface finishing, they also improve the fundamental properties of the workpiece – for example, the strength of brittle materials and the dimensional stability.

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Sealing of thermally sprayed layers

DIAMANT products for capillary-active impregnation and sealing of thermally sprayed layers on the component surface offer absolute safety. Sophisticated formulations and well-tested processes provide reliable penetration protection against water, oils, air, gases and aggressive media. With 100 percent proof of success: by the DIAMANT permeability test.

The DIAMANT penetration test based on permeability measurements allows for a 100% clear statement about the penetration depth of the sealant. On the basis of this test, DIAMANT develops sealants which perfectly match the user’s specific coating task, penetrate the complete TS layer and ensure maximum performance.

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Impregnation of metals and ceramics

Sealing polymers from DIAMANT optimise the tightness of cast parts and ceramic parts without the use of vacuum or machines during application. They penetrate all pores through capillary activity, anchor themselves in the metal or ceramic part and seal it reliably even at changing temperatures.

DIAMANT impregnators are extremely resistant to physical, chemical and thermal stress as well as to corrosion and weathering. Depending on the product variant, they can be brushed, sprayed, injected or applied by dipping and have a very short drying time. Pores within a 0 to 0.5 mm diameter range are reliably sealed with high pressure tightness and without the use of vacuum. It can be applied on hot surfaces of up to 120 °C and will withstand temperatures of up to 300 °C.

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Impregnation of concrete

Moisture, weathering, acids, lyes, lubricants, coolants, oils, greases… The stresses acting on concrete elements, concrete walls and concrete floors in industrial, commercial and construction environments are varied and invasive.

DIAMANT impregnators are specially designed for the challenging professional use on porous concrete and take the edge off damaging influences. Similar to the sealing polymers for metal and ceramics, they penetrate all pores through capillary activity, anchor themselves in them and seal the material effectively. They are specially adapted to the specific structure of the concrete material.

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