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Capillary-active impregnation and sealing with dichtol of DIAMANT®

dichtol is the innovative and ready-to-use impregnation system for targeted use on castings, metals and rapid prototyping components, which can be formulated in accordance with the application. Its versatility allows you to achieve optimum results – when you want to seal porous materials such as metal, ceramics or plastics and impregnate them to depth.

Suitable for dipping, brushing, injecting or spraying, the use of dichtol allows the maximum tightness of porous substances. The application is completely uncomplicated without vacuum or pressure at room temperature.


Metal impregnation, sealing of TS layers or sealing of rapid prototyping components.


As a polymer system for the capillary-active impregnation of porosities, micropores and hairline cracks, dichtol can be used immediately. Porous structures can be easily impregnated and sealed within a very short time by the polymer penetrating deep into the structure where it hardens.

An extremely economical and attractive solution: Since dichtol can be used for single impregnations as well as for punctual series impregnations, our high-performance polymer can significantly reduce the rejection of leaking components and reduce costs!


dichtol Application Areas

Our application engineers are happy to help you find the right product for your individual application.
Quality and know-how from the manufacturer, Made in Germany. We manufacture our products ourselves and thus guarantee you the best quality and excellent product know-how. As a full-service provider in the areas of impregnation and sealing, we offer everything from the product to the application advice to the application service by our fitters, all from one source.

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