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Thermische Beschichtung mit dichtol von DIAMANT

Thermal spray coatings

Thermal spray coatings: impregnation and sealing

Safety that goes deep! Capillary-active impregnation and sealing of thermal spray coatings. Reliable penetration protection against water, oils, air, gases and aggressive media. Sustainable quality with short process times and low costs.


Product overview: dichtol for thermal spray coatings


Product name Product# Description Technical
data sheet
HM #2407 Very high solids content,
application on hot surfaces
HM-RT #2510 Very high solids content,
fast curing
HTR #0977 Temperature restitant up to 500°C,
very good penetration
WF 49 #1849 Resistant to solvents and aggressive media
WFT standard #1532 Allrounder up to 300°C, very good penetration
behavior even with small pores
WFT standard spray #2087 Allrounder in the practical 500ml spray can
WFT Macro #1546 Allrounder up to 300°C for larger pores
WFT Macro spray #2088 Allrounder for larger pores in the practical
500ml spray can
HTWG Hydro #2506 High temperature sealer up to 700°C,
HTWG S #2505 High temperature sealer up to 700°C,
HTR HS #2530 High Solid content with > 98% solids and temperature resistant up to +500°C (+932°F)
HTR HS AS #2531 Version based on #2530 with additional anti stick properties
HTR HS 50S #2532 Diluted version of #2530 with improved penetration on small, very fine pores


TS layers always have process-related porosities and micro-cracks. As a result, they are not gas-tight and permeable to liquids. It is possible that under the thermal spray coating corrosion occurs on the substrate and leads to premature failure of the coating. As a consequence, the TS coatings can not reach their expected service life, they fail prematurely.



In order to prevent the infiltration of corrosive media to the substrate, the coating must be provided with a protective barrier. The goal of sealing is to close or fill all open cavities. Dichtol is a capillary-active sealer that penetrates deeper into porous thermal spray coatings than comparable products. The simple and versatile application of dichtol (brushing or spraying) makes it easy to use even on complex structures. Flame, plasma, arc and even HVOF sprayed coatings are protected against premature failure by sealing with dichtol. Permanently!

Beschichtung einer Welle
Flame spraying of a wave
Chipped coating due to undercorrosion
Versieglung durch aufsprühen
Sealing by spraying
Versieglung durch aufpinseln
Sealing by brushing

Maximum tightness: dichtol from DIAMANT®


Extend the service life of your thermal spray coatings! Our polymer sealer provides permanent corrosion protection, is solvent and temperature resistant, can be processed on hot surfaces up to 120°C and has a solids content of up to one hundred percent! We are happy to develop, together with you, the right sealer for your specific application.


REM overview enlarged 100x. RBSD (ZnAl15 Arc Spray Layer)

Without vacuum or pressure, you can use dichtol from DIAMANT® by spraying or painting for maximum tightness and add extra safety and function (such as dielectric strength) to your TS coating.


  • Dichtol WFT: Ready to use, no mixing, drying at room temperature
  • Dichtol HM: 100% solid, can be used on hot surfaces up to 120°C
  • Dichtol HTWG: Water-based, high-temperature application up to 700°C
  • Dichtol HTR: Reliable protection with perfect penetration up to 500°C
  • Drinking water and food approval (only WFT and WFT macro)

The DIAMANT guarantee >> We have the right sealer for you! If you are not satisfied with one of our standard sealers, our lab technicians will develop a sealer that fits your requirements !!!

DIAMANT®: ready-to-use polymer systems directly from the manufacturer

DIAMANT® GmbH is your professional partner for the sealing of thermal spray coatings of all kinds. Whether flame spray coatings, arc or APS coatings, HVOF or plasma coatings, we have the right sealer for you.


Your advantages with products and the service of our traditional company:

  • Professional employees with solid product knowledge (ETSS training, GTS membership)
  • Sealings penetrate deep down. Detectable for every spray coating !! Ask for our permeability test and get proof that your sealer works!
  • Large product range. We have the right sealer for your application.
  • Quality and know-how from the manufacturer. No purchase products, everything from own production!

The Diamant permeability test


Does your sealer work? We will do the test for you!

With the new DIAMANT penetration test based on permeability measurements, it is possible to obtain a 100% clear statement about the penetration depth of your sealer. This helps us to develop a sealer that fits perfectly with your specific coating, penetrates the entire TS layer and guarantees maximum performance!


Find out more about our new method here


You would like to know more about thermal spray coatings, dichtol or another DIAMANT® product? Contact one of our service technicians, we are happy to help you.



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