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From a single casting: micron-precise connections for mechanical engineering without machining

Micron-precise moulding on the spot. Permanent or temporary connection of components. Exact, fast and without machining.

DIAMANT DWH is the industry-wide tried and tested, dimensionally stable, fine adjustment coating for connecting surfaces on devices, components, machines and machine tools. DWH metal-polymer potting compound enables micron-precise moulding on the spot as well as an exact copy of the tool or part surface. DIAMANT DWH thus makes time-consuming and costly machining superfluous. Rework such as scraping is eliminated.

Product overview

Product name Product number Technical data sheet 
DWH 310 FL #0795 Download
DWH 310 P #0442 Download
DWH 311 FL #0787 Download
DWH 311 P #0019 Download
DWH 314 P #0409 Download
DWH 314 FL #1984 Download


Force-fit connection, dimensionally stable and load bearing

DIAMANT DWH gives the user the choice of creating a permanent or separable connection: the material can either adhere to the surface to be moulded in order to permanently fix components or assemblies, or it can be detached again by using a micro-thin layer of separator so that joined elements can be easily separated later. For static connections to metal components, DWH is applied between the contact surfaces and is extremely dimensionally stable and load-bearing after hardening. The filling of gaps and hollow spaces over the entire surface with DIAMANT DWH ensures the best possible absorption of physical forces.


Typical areas of application for DIAMANT DWH

  • alignment and fixing of all kinds of components
  • grinding spindle shafts
  • keyways
  • fixing of guide rails
  • bearing supports and bushings
  • Casting of guide bushes and guide pins
  • Centring of machine parts
  • Fixing of complete assemblies

Ready to mix for filling, pouring or injection

DIAMANT DWH is supplied ready to mix. Weighing or measuring is not necessary. The 2-component polymer system is usable without special knowledge. DWH is available in three consistencies:

  • pasty, for application and moulding directly on the prepared surface.
  • fluid, for pouring into a prepared and sealed hollow space or
  • for injection into a prepared hollow space by means of a hand cartridge.

DWH: convincing properties, decisive advantages

  • force-fit connection of metal elements on the spot without machining
  • no relevant material shrinkage (˜0.05%)
  • no machining necessary
  • outstanding compressive strength
  • high accuracy (micron-precise moulding)
  • high load-bearing capacity up to 160 N/mm² (static)
  • good damping properties
  • maximum adhesion to metal
  • extremely durable, practically no aging or weathering

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