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liquid metals / 1-step metals

1-step metals: liquid metals for the series repair of surface defects

The cold metal out of the tube. Handy, ready to use, directly effective. Ideal for steel, iron, cast iron, aluminium and bronze.

DIAMANT liquid metal is an extremely easy to handle, ready to use, 1-component cold metal for fast repairs and corrections to metallic surfaces. The high-quality metallic fillers ensure the perfect levelling of surface roughness, the best possible matching to the basic material being treated and an excellent metal finish. And all of that with absolutely uncomplicated handling. Time-saving and effective – productive and economical.

Product overview


Product name Product number Technical data sheet
Liquid metal Alu #0076 Download
Liquid metal Iron #0077 Download
Liquid metal Steel #0078 Download

Flüssigmetall aus der Tube drücken
Press liquid metal out of the tube
Es glättet selbstständig
It smooths autonomously
mehrfach auftragen und verteilen
Apply multiple times and spread
aushärten lassen und FERTIG
Allow to harden and DONE

One step, numerous applications

Typical areas of application for the proven liquid metals from DIAMANT Metallplastic are:

  • visually appealing metal corrections (layer thickness up to 2 mm)
  • fast small repairs
  • efficient series repairs
  • repair of scratches, fine grooves or dents
  • correction of ultra-fine surface defects (for instance “pin holes”)
  • large surface protection
  • repairs, for example, to
  • pipes
  • containers
  • gutters
  • castings
  • coolers

8 product variants for targeted, convenient application

Liquid metal from DIAMANT Metallplastic is available in the variants steel, iron, cast iron, aluminium and bronze. Liquid Metal Superior was specially developed for use without further lacquering. With its excellent degree of gloss, the Superior quality is also particularly suitable for repairs to places or parts that need to be polished. The viscous 1-step metals are easy and uncomplicated to apply using a spatula, stiff brush or knife. The metal grout automatically smooths and adapts itself harmoniously to the surface of the base material in the short hardening process. Top results with a minimum of time, work and cost.

DIAMANT liquid metals: convincing properties, decisive advantages

  • top metal character
  • ready to use, no mixing necessary
  • can be applied with a spatula or by pouring or brushing
  • very good adhesion to metallic surfaces
  • fast curing
  • automatic smoothing of the treated surfaces during curing
  • resistant to aging and weathering
  • temperature resistant up to 200 °C
  • resistant to hot water
  • good chemical resistance
  • filled with the finest select metals
  • compression-proof

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