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Liquid Metals

Liquid metal from the tube for quick repairs on metallic components

Liquid Metals by DIAMANT Polymer® is a ready-to-use putty for quick repair or correction of metallic substrates and base materials, such as aluminium, steel, iron, bronze or brass.

The 1-component polymer adheres to numerous substrates, can be mechanically processed after curing and is suitable for versatile use on different metals due to the high-quality metal fillers.

Rely on the uncomplicated handling – simply apply to the surface to be treated and spread. After a short curing time, you will benefit from high strength, resistance to ageing and weathering and long-lasting surface protection. Use Liquid Metals for work on

  • pipes,
  • radiators,
  • castings, and many others

whether made of aluminium, iron or steel, DIAMANT Liquid Metals allow a quick application with best metal finish. By adding DIAMANT® thinner, the consistency of thickened liquid metals can be changed to obtain a castable mass.

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