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Liquid lining sheet for steel and bridge construction


The MM1018 polymer system from DIAMANT is a top-class liquid lining sheet and your innovative solution for force-fit tolerance compensation in steel and bridge construction.


The two-component reaction resin system can be used as a paste or liquid and can be filled or injected. It is extremely resistant to external influences.

Trust in the quality of DIAMANT and use MM1018 (formerly Multimetal) to level out unevenness between steel surfaces. Exceeding tolerances, gaps or wedge gaps can be easily compensated with MM1018. The material is used


  • in the installation of bridge and structural bearings,
  • in the renovation of crane rails,
  • for head plate joints or
  • in wind turbines.

The metal polymer is approved by the German Institute for Building Technology and is the perfect solution for gap compensation on steel structures. Buy MM1018 and apply directly on site!

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