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Mould slideways and hydrostatic bearings to the exact micron and adapt them perfectly without machining

Mould complex shapes and structures with maximum precision and without machining.

DIAMANT moglice, the mouldable sliding coating system with ultra-fine sliding fillers, produces sliding surfaces and slideways moulded to the precise micron for the manufacture or overhaul of high-precision stick-slip-free sliding surfaces with any geometry. The mouldable moglice sliding coating allows the easy movement of dynamic elements, protects against abrasion and wear and thus significantly lowers manufacturing and operating costs. DIAMANT moglice retains its outstanding properties even under unfavourable conditions such as inadequate lubrication or high loads. When used on cast iron the friction value at rest, for example, is only about 1/7 of the conventional cast iron/steel pairing.

Product overview

Product name Product number Description Technical data sheet
moglice FL/P #0311 thin-fluid consistency, pressureless casting in gaps and large areas
moglice P #1130 pasty consistency, easy to form, without caulking, also for use on vertical surfaces
moglice P500 #0296 liquid consistency, for injecting by cartridge

Guideway, sliding surface
Screw thread
Shaft guidance
Wedge bars

Shorten processes, reduce costs

moglice enables the moulding of complex shapes and structures with micron precision, without machining. This method reduces the process times and costs in modern production technology many times over.

Coating of a hydrostatic guide on a round-table
Apply moglice on the prepared surface
Material is self-levelling
Finished slipway with moglice

Typical areas of application for DIAMANT moglice

  • Hydrostatic guides
  • Round guides
  • Sliding bearings for large machine tools
  • Hydraulic pistons
  • Wedge jibs and fitting strips
  • Column ways
  • Carriage slideways
  • Worm tooth racks
  • Ram guides
  • Support guideways
  • Aerostatic guides (air bearings)
  • Sleeve guides

Ready to mix and use for filling, pouring or injection

DIAMANT moglice is ready to mix and can be used immediately. Weighing or measuring is not necessary. The 2-component polymer system can be used without special knowledge and is available in three consistencies:

  • pasty, for moulding by application to the prepared surface (putty and set)
  • fluid, for pouring into a prepared and sealed hollow space (pour and set) or
  • for injection into a prepared hollow space by means of a hand cartridge (inject).

moglice: convincing properties, decisive advantages

  • Stick-Slip-free sliding surface
  • High dimensional accuracy since there is no measurable shrinkage (˂ 0.05%)
  • High dimensional stability
  • Micron-precise moulding
  • Optimum adhesion (individual layer thicknesses)
  • Extreme long-term adhesion
  • No swelling in conjunction with the approved coolant and lubricant emulsions
  • Excellent load transmission through full support of the contact surfaces
  • Outstanding damping properties
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Low coefficient of sliding friction < 0.1
  • Extremely resistant to wear
  • Rational and quick to process without special knowledge

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