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plasticmetal for repairing defects and machining errors


plasticmetal from DIAMANT reliably repairs defects, fills cavities and corrects machining errors in castings. As a fast-curing polymer-bonded metal repair system, it is suitable for reducing the reject rate in the production of castings. Thanks to the high proportion of metal fillers, plasticmetal has a very good metal finish and can be machined and manually processed well.

Designed for demanding industrial applications, plasticmetal is resistant to physical, thermal and chemical influences.


plasticmetal fills reliably:

  • Blowholes,
  • wear spots,
  • cavities,
  • voids and
    missing holes


  • Cast aluminium,
  • grey cast iron,
  • ferrous cast iron and
  • Ferrous cast iron.


Many years of experience with metal repair system plasticmetal


plasticmetal from DIAMANT Metallplastic is suitable as a metal repair compound for all applications due to its flexible system. The system consists of 14 metal powders and 6 hardener liquids, which can be mixed in freely selectable proportions. The viscosity varies from liquid to pasty. It should also be emphasised that even the smallest quantities can be mixed without any problems and stored for later work.


Convincing advantages of plasticmetal:


  • can be applied directly at the workplace without special expertise
  • no use of machines necessary
  • freely combinable metal powder/hardener system
  • freely definable mixing ratio for variable viscosity (liquid to paste-like)
  • simple mixing without scales
  • controlled curing
  • Excellent metal finish
  • very good adhesion to all metals
  • high compressive and tensile strength
  • high abrasion and wear resistance
  • resistant to high continuous temperatures up to 250° C
  • resistant to chemicals
  • overpaintable

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