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Wear-protection and repair coatings for challenging industrial use

Metal coating: preventive strategy against machine standstill and loss of production; economical solution for repairs.

In RepaCoat, DIAMANT Metallplastic offers a much tried and tested product system for wear protection and repair coatings in the demanding industrial environment.

Product overview

Product name Product number Technical data sheet
RepaCoat CH 40 FL red #2047
RepaCoat CH 40 FL black #2110
RepaCoat CH 40 P grey #2111
RepaCoat PH 60 FL grey #1591
RepaCoat PH 100 P #1974
RepaCoat PH 1000 P #2424
RepaCoat PH 1000-S #2423
RepaCoat CP-V grey #2159
RepaCoat CP-V red #2156
RepaCoat CP-V black #2157
Venturi Coating System

The polymer-bound RepaCoat metal coating:

  • assists the trouble-free operation of production plants
  • extends the service lives of machines and plants
  • safeguards the efficiency of machines and plants
  • reduces malfunctions and downtimes
  • protects against abrasive wear, corrosion and cavitation damage
  • protects against aggressive media
RepaCoat FX
RepaCoat FX
RepaCoat PH
RepaCoat PH
RepaCoat CH
RepaCoat CH
Venturi Coating System
Venturi Coating System

Safety system: three recipes for targeted use

RepaCoat from DIAMANT Metallplastic is available in three special product variants for precisely targeted use – supplemented by an optional application system for time-optimised coating:

  • RepaCoat FX for the renewal of rubber and seals
  • RepaCoat PH for wear protection and repair coating
  • RepaCoat CH for protection against aggressive chemicals
  • Venturi Coating System for the convenient coating of medium-size surfaces

RepaCoat FX: rubber and seal renewal

Flexible 2-component, fast-curing coating with high resistance to aggressive loads. After curing, RepaCoat FX exhibits high resistance to abrasion and tearing as well as full reversion after being subjected to tensile or compressive loads. The special recipe with select, highly cross-linking polymers ensures reliable adhesion to metal, natural and synthetic rubber (nitrile and butyl rubber), wood, concrete, etc.

  • resistant to aggressive media such as acids, lyes or coolants
  • durable
  • wear resistant
  • temperature resistant up to 170 °C
  • maximum adhesion to many substrates

RepaCoat PH: wear protection and repair coating

Pasty 2-component polymer material with highly wear resistant, solid ceramic balls and special fillers. RepaCoat PH is distinguished by a good process and high stiffness. The durable coating material has proven itself above all wherever extremely high resistance to impacting solid particles in liquid media, gases and bulk materials is called for.

  • protects against abrasive wear, corrosion and cavitation damage
  • recipe with impact resistant ceramic balls
  • available in various granulations
  • available in a liquid or pasty form
  • adheres to all metallic surfaces
  • temperature resistant up to 150 °C
  • layer thicknesses up to 2 cm can be applied
  • extremely wear resistant and durable thanks to highly cross-linking polymers

RepaCoat CH: protection against aggressive chemicals

Liquid, cold-curing epoxy formulation with outstanding chemical resistance, achieved by the use of special resins and hardeners as well as additives and inert fillers. RepaCoat CH is particularly suitable for protection against mixtures of aggressive organic and inorganic media.

  • resistant to acids, lyes and coolants
  • corrosion resistant on all metal surfaces
  • extremely wear resistant and durable
  • temperature resistant up to 170 °C
  • applicable in layer thicknesses of 60 µm to 100 mm
  • available in liquid or pasty form

Venturi Coating System: homogeneous, time-optimised coating of medium-sized surfaces

The DIAMANT Venturi Coating System is the ideal solution for applying RepaCoat coatings to medium-size surfaces. With this innovative low-pressure process the duration of the application is drastically reduced, whilst the effectiveness is increased at the same time. Hence, 20 m² can be coated effortlessly per hour with a layer thickness of 200 µm using the Venturi Coating System. Apart from the Venturi spray gun, the use of the Venturi Coating Systems requires a compressed air source of 8 bar. The RepaCoat coating is supplied in a double cartridge with a special mixing spiral for the system.


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