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Cold welding: top quality connection without thermal stress

Correction of casting and surface defects on metals – connection, correction and repair of components. With all the advantages of chemical cold welding.

ultrametal from DIAMANT Metallplastic is the industry-wide proven material for the connection, correction and repair of large defects in metal workpieces. The highly durable 2-component repair system on a polymer basis is distinguished by long workability (long pot lives) as well as low shrinkage. Unlike conventional welding methods, cold welding with ultrametal requires no elaborate accessories and a much lower expenditure of time – no input of heat into the component. Therefore, cold welding does not cause stress cracking or deformation of the component, for example.

Product overview

Product name Product number Technical data sheet
ultrametal Alu FL #2455 Download
ultrametal Alu FL rapid #2459 Download
ultrametal Alu P #2465 Download
ultrametal Alu P rapid #2475 Download
ultrametal Bronze FL #2454 Download
ultrametal Bronze FL rapid #2458 Download
ultrametal Bronze P #2464 Download
ultrametal Bronze P rapid #2474 Download
ultrametal Iron FL #2453 Download
ultrametal Iron FL rapid #2457 Download
ultrametal Iron P #2463 Download
ultrametal Iron P rapid #2473 Download
ultrametal Steel FL #2452 Download
ultrametal Steel FL rapid #2456 Download
ultrametal Steel P #2462 Download
ultrametal Steel P rapid #2472 Download

Preparing worn and damaged spot

Apply Ultrametal

Adjust contours


Versatile in use, proven over decades

Typical areas of application for ultrametal from DIAMANT Metallplastic are:

  • coating of pumps, containers and heat exchangers
  • axle and shaft repairs
  • maintenance and repair of metal parts
  • correction of blow holes
  • gluing of metal, wood, concrete

ultrametal is under continuous development and has been used successfully for over 50 years in leading branches of the metalworking and mechanical engineering industries:

  • automotive
  • shipbuilding
  • oil and gas industry
  • foundries
  • chemical industry
  • pump and housing construction
  • machine manufacturing

ultrametal materials repair worn, eroded, corroded or damaged metal surfaces and parts or connect them securely and permanently. With excellent technical properties.

ultrametal: convincing properties, decisive advantages

  • low material shrinkage
  • long workability (long pot life)
  • simple application – no special knowledge required
  • needs no additional equipment
  • chemical cold welding: no supply of heat required
  • no risk of stress cracking or deformation of the component
  • can be machined like metal
  • suitable for all types of metal
  • wear resistant
  • corrosion-proof
  • high compressive, shear and flexural strength
  • permanently temperature resistant up to 160 °C

Strong also with other materials

Perfect for metal, ideal for many other materials: ultrametal from DIAMANT Metallplastic also connects and repairs parts and surfaces made of ceramics, wood, gypsum, concrete and other materials. The variety of versions in the ultrametal product range means that there is a suitable solution for every application. Ready to mix with the two components resin and hardener. For fast, uncomplicated use in industry and handicrafts. For top quality work results.

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