Publications | 21. June 2023 Publication in the magazine e-mosty

Exciting news! We have published a Case Study in the digital trade magazine e-mosty focusing on the successful implementation of the Chenab Bridge project in India.

The Chenab Bridge in India is an engineering masterpiece due to its impressive size and height, making it the world’s tallest railroad bridge. It was built over the Chenab River in a challenging geographical environment, using innovative construction methods and materials. The bridge demonstrates advanced engineering and the use of cutting-edge technologies to provide a safe and efficient connection in a challenging environment.

Our publication describes our project on the Chenab Bridge, highlighting the challenges overcome and the innovative solutions mastered in collaboration with our Indian partner Polymeric Metal Products and Solutions – DIAMANT Triumph Metallplastic Pvt. Ltd. Read the full case study titled “Case Study on Chenab Bridge Arch Base Plates and Bearings: Metal-to-Metal Grout System” starting on page 32.

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