Products | 20. January 2023 Renewed approval for the Liquid Shim® – DIAMANT MM1018

DIAMANT Polymer GmbH, a specialist in polymers, composite materials and impregnating agents, has again received general building authority approval for the two products MM1018P and MM1018FL. For use on construction sites, this means that the liquid or pasty two-component reactive resin system has been proven to meet all the requirements for safe use on bridges and steel structures.

With MM1018P or MM1018FL, it is easy to compensate for unevenness, gaps and exceeding tolerances on connections of steel components. The tried-and-tested product “made in Germany” is also referred to as a “liquid lining plate” and creates a non-positive and positive connection between steel components in a short time. The general building authority approval is issued by the German Institute for Building Technology (DiBT).

Before a construction product or a type of construction is granted general building authority approval, the individual components go through a tough and extensive test and inspection procedure. Its focus is on safety and effectiveness.

Detailed instructions and specifications for practical use are part of the building inspectorate approval. With regard to MM1018, for example, this means that the two-component reactive resin system can be used for gap sizes of 0.25 to 10 mm and the service temperature range of the cured metal-polymer can be between -20 °C and 50 °C. It is recommended that the application be carried out by trained specialists.

Successful use worldwide

The big advantage of MM1018 compared to conventional steel lining plates is that MM1018 always fits in every situation and does not need to be machined or adjusted. This saves time and money during installation and enables smooth construction acceptance. The end user can thus completely dispense with the often lengthy and costly repairs using mechanical lining plates. MM1018 is a real game changer in the steel industry.

General Building Approval MM1018

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