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Optimal skin protection against resins, oils, paints, greases, solvents, gasoline, adhesives, tar, epoxy resins, coolants and many more.

Diamond liquid glove is non-hazardous and maintains natural skin breathing (unlike conventional rubber gloves). Liquid gloves reduce fingerprints on metals that are galvanized or coated.

1) Rub into skin:

Before starting work, take a small amount (2 fingerfuls) of the liquid glove and rub it into the hands like a hand cream. Be sure to wet the fingernails and nail bed especially carefully.

2) Apply:

The liquid glove protective film is dry after about 1 minute, depending on the thickness of application. The skin is now protected from contact with materials.

3) Wash off:

After work, you can wash your hands with soap as usual. The dirt is rinsed off together with the liquid glove.

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Safety data sheet for DIAMANT Liquid Glove

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