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diaflex AP is a permanently flexible 2-component PUR elastomer system for the production of special, small series or single seals.  Due to a very high abrasion, tensile and tear resistance, as well as a very good resistance to oils, lubricating greases and cooling lubricant emulsions, diaflex AP is ideally suited for applications in mechanical and plant engineering. The low processing viscosity also allows the production of complicated and thin-walled parts.

Typical applications

  • permanently elastic seals, sealing profiles
  • Scrapers, oil scrapers
  • Tool holder
  • Prototyping
  • Forms and models
  • Concrete moulding


  • Low processing viscosity, very good flow characteristics
  • High elongation, high resetting force
  • Very high abrasion, tensile and tear resistance
  • Very good tensile strength
  • Very high resistance to oils, greases and cooling lubricant emulsions
  • High permanent elasticity
  • Cold curing, manual and machine-processable

Chemical resistance

For questions about chemical resistance please contact our technicians.

Storage / Shelf Life

Store in original, unopened container in a dry place at room temperature (20°C-+25°C). Shelf life 12 months. Protect from direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce shelf life.Note:diaflex can crystallize at temperatures below +15 °C. This process is reversible. After slight heating (30 – 60 °C) and subsequent cooling of the unmixed components, the material is ready for use again.


For impressions with diaflex, the mould must first be coated with Diamant release agent (Art.No.: #1354 or #1355). This prevents the material from adhering to the surface and allows the material to be easily removed.

Mixing procedure

Add the hardening component B (yellowish) completely to the resin component A (black). Mix intensively manually with a spatula or by means of a drill and propeller stirrer (approx. 2 min. at max. 250 rpm). Material adhering to walls and floor should also be mixed well.

Application description

After the mixing process, the material must be processed immediately. Otherwise, premature gelation will occur.diaflex AP can be poured into a mould that is open at the top. Alternatively, diaflex AP can be injected into a cavity after decanting into an empty cartridge or syringe. To avoid air pockets, the cavity must be filled slowly from bottom to top.

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