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dichtol 0210 is a 1-component impregnation system specially developed for drilling and undercuts with particularly fast ventilation time and improved paintability. Like our other impregnation systems, dichtol 0210 penetrates deep into the porosities of the casting without pressure or vacuum and cures there under ambient conditions. dichtol 0210 is suitable for both single and serial impregnations. In addition, dichtol 0210 offers temporary corrosion protection and can be used e.g. as transport protection against rust or corrosion.


  • Specially fast ventilation time
  • Improved paintability
  • Ready-to-use 1-component system
  • Temporary corrosion protection (transport protection)

Typical applications

Capillary-active impregnation of micropores, hair cracks and porosities by direct filling in holes or undercuts

Storage / Shelf life

12 months in sealed containers, store in a cool and dry place


In the pores to be sealed, dirt residues, foreign bodies, grease and other substances must be completely removed.


Deep holes, threads, channels, bores or undercuts can be impregnated with dichtol 0210 by filling. Due to the fast flash-off time, the component can be used again after a few minutes. dichtol 0210 can also be applied by dipping or with a brush. The object temperature should not exceed 25°C, otherwise penetration of the polymer cannot be guaranteed 100%.After application, dichtol 0210 can be poured back and used for further applications.


The surface is dry after a few minutes. dichtol 0210 cures chemically at room temperature within a few hours (approx. 1 hour per mm wall thickness) completely.

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