dichtol WF49 1:4

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dichtol WF 49 is a specially developed, moisture-curing impregnation system with a very high solvent resistance. Depending on the adjustment variant, dichtol WF 49 can be used to seal smallest pores up to 0.1mm or particularly large pores from 0.1 to 0.5mm. This ensures a high pressure tightness of components, even in difficult object structures. In the case of locally known leaks, selective impregnation ensures an efficient use of materials.


  • Efficient material consumption
  • Versatile application possibilities by dipping, brushing, injecting, spraying
  • Temporary corrosion and transport protection
  • Resistant to aggressive solvents
  • High penetration depth

Typical applications

  • Capillary active deep impregnation of micropores, hair cracks and porosities
  • selective series impregnation
  • Single impregnation (of large components)

Storage / Shelf Life

Storage at 15°C to 30°C: 6 months in sealed containers, store in a dry place. Avoid temperature fluctuations at all costs, as the product is sensitive to moisture! Dichtol WF 49 must not be used if it comes into contact with moisture. Colour change can occur with heat and UV radiation: transparent/clear up to yellow colouring. These changes usually do not affect the technical quality of the product.


Mix Dichtol WF 49 well with Diamond Thinner #1285 in the desired setting variation. Dirt residues, foreign bodies, grease and other substances must be completely removed from the pores to be sealed. For this purpose we recommend the use of DIAMANT (#1417).


The object temperature should not exceed 40°C, otherwise penetration of the polymer cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Brush & Spray

apply sealant in 4 stages at intervals of about 1 minute and keep damp on the surface for at least 5 minutes. This allows dichtol to penetrate deep into the pores.


dichtol into the blind hole (or similar) and allow to act for 5 minutes. If necessary, remove excess material after the exposure time by suction/discharge.


Dip the component to be treated completely in dichtol. Remove the component after an exposure time of approx. 10 minutes.


dichtol WF 49 is a chemically setting product that cures at temperatures from 5°C to 35°C at a relative humidity of 35% to 85%. The physical hardening is given after a short time. Full chemical resistance is achieved after a short time. Full chemical resistance is achieved after 7 days.

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